Goodies from the #FieldTripTour

July 15, 2014

It's time to show you some more goodies! You can read on and/or watch my video: here.

From a consumer point of view Saturday was a great opportunity to see some high end brands up close and in person; swatching and playing with them before finding which one is right for you and worth parting you from your hard earned cash.

The main event for me was Content. We got the warmest welcome there; so much help, advice, friendly chats and smiles... I was in green make up and skin care heaven. I basked in the beautiful glow of all the amazing brands, I dove head first into the RMS, Kajer Weiss and Ilia displays and swatched up a storm.

(On a side note - I swatched some Kajer Wiess bits and wasn't massively impressed. Lovely, yes, but I believe the appeal (and the price tag) is all in the packaging. I have to say I thought that my Red Apple Lipstick eye shadows were comparable if not better... based purely on a swatch of course.)

I swatched all of the RMS cream eye shadows and was amazed by the texture and pigmentation, you really could feel the quality. After a very disappointing experience with Silk Naturals Chromatics and a reasonable but not over whelming experience with Brija cream shadows I couldn't help but fall head over heels in love!

I decided to go for Magnetic as I liked the rosy gold with a hint of taupe kind of colour to it. (So technical in my descriptions, eh?)

This swatch does NOT do the colour justice!
 I also played around with all of the lip 2 cheek stains - I told myself (and all those within ear shot, repeatedly) that these are great value for money as they are two products in one... Whatever helps with the spender's guilt, right?

In the end it was Modest that stole my heart with it's every day wear-ability. 

It blends out beautifully as a cheek stain.

I love it applied lightly on the lips for just a hint of colour or built up for a nod to the summer's coral trend. Early impressions are great - it has pretty good staying power for such a natural product.

I also decided to buy a back up Konjac sponge while I was there to save on postage (yes, another sponge - Maddie destroyed my last one).

My confidence faltered at the till when I totted up the total and realised I was spending over £50 on just three items... only to be hugely relieved and very grateful to hear that my total was actually £43 instead! Thank you Content for the generous discount.

No only that but Content gave us an AMAZING goody bag full of brilliant samples and even a full sized make up item!

I am so excited about the Rahua conditioner and the Vapour Organic concealer, it looks amazing and first impressions so far are great.

Onto Nature & Co, although I didn't purchase anything I did get given an Alima Pure eye shadow. Jen & Mayah teamed up to get a goodie bag but neither particularly wanted the eye shadow included... I tried to play it cool but it was unbelievably obvious that I really wanted the shadow. I have a selection of greens that I already wear regularly and this mossy green will compliment them perfectly. I cannot wait to wear it as part of a brown/green type concoction as well!

While at Wholefoods I was very restrained again! I could of easily bought a couple of mascaras, a million lip glosses, blushes, eye shadows, nail varnishes and other paraphernalia. I could of also gone mad on food and drink there as well (Rebyl Kitchen has a new fan) but I wanted to continue my good work of not over spending so I just went for an SPF Lipbalm (as I don't own one) and a Wholefoods re-usable bag. 

I got chatting to an awesome woman in Wholefoods, she told me she was 38 but I would have put her at 10 years younger! She very kindly picked out some samples for me and a couple of the other girls.

All in all a very restrained day of purchases, how did I do it?! I may have a new found obsession in RMS though... I will give it a bit longer to see how well their products wear but I think I'm hooked. Uh oh.

I am excited to buy more from Content again soon, I think I will have to take hubby there at Christmas time so he can pick me up something lovely!

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All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. I didn't get to swatch any of the RMS shadows but looking at your photo again makes me want all four of them! x

  2. Annie HelloPurpleClouds15 July 2014 at 18:20

    Lovely haul Rach. I really wish I could have made the field trip, as much to meet you all as to shop x

  3. You got some lovely bits Rach! I'm also really excited about that Alima eyeshadow... I love greens! xx

  4. Thanks, I am so happy with what I picked up! :-) I love greens too! xx

  5. Thank you, I know it was great to go physically shopping for make up (never happens any more) and even better that it was with those great girlies! xx

  6. Trip back down to London together soon then?!? ;-) xx

  7. Thank you, yes I love it too and we really did have an awesome day!! :-) xx

  8. Great swatches! Adoring these field trip posts- what a fantastic idea! I love the look of modest too :)

  9. thank you :-) yes the Call It Vanity girls pulled off a stroke of genius! :-)

  10. I know right?!? I'm in love! :-)

  11. Great haul! That Hurraw balm is my favourite!<3 xx

  12. I am so glad I've discovered Hurraw - I normally struggle with lip balms, even natural ones but the Hurraw ones are great :-) xx


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