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July 01, 2014

'Our aim is to enable our customers to make their own creams and cosmetics that are fresh, highly effective and free from harmful chemicals'

Twitter is an amazing resource for bloggers and businesses alike. I stumbled across Silk + Honey after they 'followed' me. I checked out their website and started mentally buying most things on the site... but found, to my dismay, that it hadn't launched yet! Distraught, I tweeted my woes and was generously offered a couple of samples to try.

This brand is the ideal first step for those who want to DIY but don't know how or where to start. It is also perfect for people like me who want to make something a little more complex but don't want to fork out for lots of ingredients for a one time use and don't want the DIY process to become complicated and loose it's fun.

On their site (launched yesterday) you are able to buy complete kits for:

Natural Lip Gloss £35.00 (at least 13 tubes of gloss, just £2.70 each!)
Anti Ageing Hand Cream £65.00 (5 x 100g pots, £13 each)

And the two I tried:
Shea Butter Hair Conditioning Mask £55 (5 x 200g pots, £11 each)
Shimmering Body Cream £55.00 (5 x 200g pots, £11 each)

My Thoughts:

I would have loved to have tried out the kits to see how user friendly and complete they are but from checking out the website I think they look great. They seem to have everything you need. I would have also love to be able to personally comment on how much final product each kit makes but after speaking directly with Silk + Honey I was told that you can make at least 5-8 pots of each.

Although the prices initially look high, they are much more manageable if you break them down into 'cost per unit'. You will see they are very fair considering the quality of the ingredients, the containers provided, etc. the Lip Gloss kit especially looks like exceptional value for money.

Shea Butter Hair Conditioning Mask*

This is what I was most excited about. I have to admit I have still been using (on and off to finish it up) the Macadamia Hair Mask which I bought in the early stages of 'going green' before I discovered how great oil treatments are.

There is something nice about using a hair mask in the shower, I am not one for baths but I do like to make the most of my 'weekend' shower. If I get the chance I like to put on a hair mask, use a sugar scrub and generally get lost in my own little world. (Anyone else do their best thinking in the shower??)

This hair mask will be a great, natural alternative. It leaves your hair feeling very soft, manageable and healthy. I didn't find that this weighed down my hair at all, I am excited to repurchase this soon.

Hair Mask Kit - Source
Shimmering Body Cream*

This one I'm not so sold on, it works really well but it has a slightly off putting smell to it, I don't know how to describe it, slightly metallic maybe? Also, I didn't really find it to be that 'shimmering' although I could see the gold flecks in the cream they didn't show up on my legs or arms. While it is a lovely idea I didn't find that it really worked on me. Maybe I'm too pale!?

Putting aside the smell it is a nice product to use. It has a 'runny' consistency and a good moisturising effect. Personally I wouldn't purchase this myself but that is mainly down to the smell, everyone's tastes are different so if you are interested then give it a go, smell is such a personal thing.

Next on my list to try is the natural lip gloss. I have been thinking about trying out a DIY lip gloss but paled at the thought of all the ingredients I'd need to buy. For me a DIY is most satisfying when I use ingredients I already have in my stash. Also, I would have to buy special containers, I didn't know how well it would turn out, etc, etc. So, I avoided it... until now!

I am absolutely dying to try this kit out and will be buying it very soon... just look at it!


Go on over to the Silk + Honey website and try not to spend all your pocket money at once...
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  1. Annie HelloPurpleClouds1 July 2014 at 12:49

    I think these kind of kits are a great idea if you aren't confident enough to make your own DIY and as you say, quite good value for money if you break the cost down. I guess the problem may be that you pay £65 for a kit that makes 5 pots of hand cream but then don't like it particularly - then it's one expensive pot of hand cream. Maybe it would be good if they offered tester sizes of the finished products so you could decide if you liked the product enough to buy the complete kit.

  2. Kinda wish I hadn't seen this post haha...really do want to try almost everything here! x

  3. Wow what a fantastic idea! :) Especially for someone who's a newbie like me great place to start. The sets look great xx

  4. Thanks, I think it all looks great, and yes great for newbies :-) xx

  5. haha! oops! Sorry! I know, it all looks beautiful doesn't it?! :-) xx

  6. Yes I was thinking the same! Would be good to have the option to buy a small sampler like the ones I had. Thanks for reading :-) xx


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