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July 19, 2014

This is my first ever empties post! Drum roll please...

I'll go through these as quickly as possible... or you can watch my video.

Child's Farm (Bubble Bath and Shampoo)

This is a tried and tested, firm favourite in our house. We will always re-purchase I think! I am currently using the shampoo myself so getting through it a lot quicker.

Aloe Dent Whitening Toothpaste

This is a family favourite too - hubby and I both use this and it has been re-purchased a number of times.

Dr Bronner's (Almond)

Love this, use it for so many things and have already re-purchased. I rotate what scents I buy/use so as not to get bored.

Right Guard Antiperspirant 

Just reading the ingredients makes me feel queasy... I was keeping it 'just in case' but it's been in my cupboard, untouched, for over a year now so it's finally made it's way to the bin.

Rosehip Oil

A favourite oil of mine, already bought more!

Grapeseed Oil

I use this in a lot of DIYs as it is a light, non greasy oil. Already bought more.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

I've pretty much finished it off but I am throwing it out as it is quite a few years old.

Wiltshire & Crete Honey

You may have seen I bought some mini honey home from Crete, I've used the first one up as I alternate it with my local honey. I've also raced through a jar of local honey as we used it for EVERYTHING this winter!

Kris D'Amour Sample

I didn't really get on with this one much, too rich for me and didn't do anything particularly great for my skin.

Green People Sunscreen

This is fine, I would buy this if I didn't already love my Lovea stuff!

OLO Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser Sample

I've enjoyed using this sample but not enough to splash out on the full sized version. I don't have anything bad to say about it but I'm not much of a 'cleanser' person - I use honey and my Konjac sponge instead.

Peppy Galore Vanilla Ice Cream Body Mousse

I posted an 'RIP' type picture to Twitter when I finished this off, Amber kindly gave this to me in the Christmas Green Beauty Swap and I loved it! Such a shame they're not making it any more, I just have to make my own instead.

Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil

Time to move away from this, I continued using it as it was surprisingly non toxic and I couldn't find a suitable replacement. I've finally found an alternative and I want to move to 100% cruelty free make up and Rimmel most certainly isn't CF!

BWC & Physicians Formula Mascaras

When I did my natural mascaras post I bought quite a few mascaras at about the same time... so now they need to be thrown away at the same time. I am not keen to get an eye infection so these must go. I have always been particular about disposing of mascara within a reasonable amount of time and I'm even more paranoid now that I'm using natural mascaras that (I hope) don't have such strong preservatives in them.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Good old Dr Bronner's I'm currently using up peppermint but I also like Almond but then again I LOVE marzipan so makes sense I enjoy that fragrance

  2. Annie HelloPurpleClouds19 July 2014 at 16:40

    I agree with Sarah, Dr Bronner's is such a versatile staple - the almond is like a marzipan shower! We use Aloe Dent too, love the zinginess of it x

  3. I know right?! Can't go wrong with good ol' Dr B's! ;-) i haven't found a scent yet that I don't like! x

  4. It is so versatile, you really can use it for anything! And I do! :-) xx

  5. Couple of my staples in there too :) Aloe dent is brilliant and obviously Dr.Bronner's is the bomb! x

  6. We obviously both have great taste ;-) xx


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