Better Beauty Across the Pond? Top European Base Products - Collab with Short, Small, Sweet

August 04, 2014

Today's post is a collab with the amazing and lovely Ru from Short, Small, Sweet. This is actually the first in a month long series... you guys are in for a treat!

Each Monday I will be telling you about the best/my favourite British and European products in certain categories whilst over on Ru's blog she will be singing the praises of her favourite American products.

This week we are covering 'base' products:


This was a difficult one! I do not own a European primer although I do have the Lily Lolo finishing powder (sample size) that use on my eyelids to prime before applying cream shadows and I know that Ria of Naturia Beauty uses hers before her foundation for a primer effect.


I took to twitter to ask my lovely blogger friends what European primers they could think of... sorry Ru I did cheat a bit! Two primer's were mentioned - Studio 78 and a Swedish brand called Tikei. I've not used either of those personally but they did come blogger recommended... C'mon Europe we need to make some good primers!


If you read my blog regularly you will know that my Sunscreen/SPF of choice is Lovea SPF 15. The mineral foundations I use (Honey Pie, Lily Lolo, etc) all boast SPF 15 as well.

Other brands worth a mention are Lavera (which I haven't tried) and the Green People SPF 25 which I think is good but I wouldn't buy at full price.


I have tired Lily Lolo mineral and thought it was reasonable but my favourite UK brand foundation is HoneyPie Minerals Foundation. It is a loose powder that applies lightly and covers well. I also use my colour match as a spot concealer and a lighter shade under my eyes.


As I mentioned I like to use my mineral foundation as a concealer, I find it works well and it is so quick and simple - perfect for an every day make up routine.

Sometimes, however, you want a bit more coverage or you just don't get on with powder as a concealer so I do have a great suggestion for you - Zao Orgaincs make a beautiful creamy concealer. I was lucky enough to purchase a 'full size sample' which I thought was very good. 

(FYI - I did pass this 'sample' onto a friend of mine because I have the BWC pencil and use that more because it is in a user friendly pencil form and I was concious of one off them going off. I actually thought that the Zao one was great and was happy to share it with someone else.)

There you go! All the best UK and European 'Base' products as I know them... do you have anything else to add to my suggestions?  Is there anything I've mentioned that you have not tried before?

Make sure you head over to Ru's blog now to read about her American All Stars! Next week, our favourite 'face' products!

This post does not include any products sent for consideration.
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. Nice post!
    I have met the owner of Zao organic a cople of years ago and really was impressed by the range.
    Have yet to try Lily Lolo ...

  2. Great post! Look forward to reading the others xx

  3. Thank you! It's been/it is so fun to write! :-) xx

  4. Thank you! :-) Ooh how exciting you got to meet them! Yes, Zao is a great brand but often a bit out of my budget... but the products are always such high quality.
    Rach xx

  5. I've never owned or used a primer as I didn't really get the point of them. I also feel that the lesser products I pile on my skin, the better. Maybe that's just me being lazy too! :p

  6. What a brilliant idea. Loved reading both the posts and looking forward to reading them each week! xx

  7. No I agree! Less is more as they say :-) xx

  8. Thanks Jen!! I think they get better and better :-) xx

  9. Have to check out the sunscreen! :) xx

  10. Love this post, just read Ru's! Excited for the rest of your posts! I would find this difficult though as my fave foundation is Australian and my face concealer is American ahah!

  11. I really do love it :-) xx

  12. Yay :-) it is hard in some areas and then super easy in others. That's why I opened it up as European as well, was originally just UK but that was impossible!! xx


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