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August 13, 2014

Okay, so I thought I had made this up myself but it turns out I cannot claim this to be 100% original as a bit of googling has shown me that other people have had this idea in their own way as well BUT I can say that the thought and discovery came into my head all by myself... by accident.

Either read on or click here to watch my video.

I was trying to lighten my hair so I sprayed it with pure lemon juice and went outside to enjoy some sunshine. When I went to wash my hair I noticed that my hair was stiff and held perfectly in place - as if I had used hair spray.

A bit of 'google research' later and I discovered that this was a 'thing' and that citrus fruits can be used as hairspray!

Now, I am not sure I want to put pure lemon oil on my hair too regularly so I have developed a DIY that dilutes it a bit but still keeps the great 'holding' properties. I also discovered that it is better to use the juice of an orange if you have dry hair or are worried about your hair drying out.

Onto the DIY now which, of course, is super simple and very easy to do!
  • Juice 1 Lemon or Orange 
  • Simmer the citrus juice in 2 cups of water 
  • Try to reduce it by half
  • Allow the water to cool and then refrigerate it
  • Decant into a spray bottle
  • Use like a normal hair spray!

Obviously is not a DIY that is going to suit everyone but for those purists out there who want to use as natural and simple as possible I think this is a great substitute for hair spray.

If, however, you are looking for an affordable natural hair spray that you don't have to make your self then have a look at my review of the Honeybee Gardens hair spray here.

I found the HBGs hair spray a bit too strong hold whereas this is great for getting rid of fly aways and offering a very subtle hold.

If you want a stronger hold use pure lemon juice, straight from a lemon into a spray bottle! It will make your hair rock solid and hold it in place really well!

Do you think you would try this? Or is DIY hair spray a step too far for you? I personally love it. I don't wear hair spray very often so this suits me well as it is so pure and natural.

**Please bear in mind that this spray may well lighten your hair - great for some of us but worth pointing out for those who love their dark locks and want them to stay that way!**

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  1. Uu this is interesting! Does it dry your hair out? xx

  2. My hair is pretty happy with argan oil and styling cremes, but this has me wondering about DIY hair lightenes all over again. I tried out a honey/cinnamon hair mask in the past but this might be a less messy/complicated alternative. I'm wondering how this would spray would work on darker hair though?

  3. I've heard honey and cinnamon is really good but I but it off because of the mess issue!! I am not sure how effective it would be on darker hair, it lightens my hair well but then so does the sun so I cannot really say... maybe worth a try though? Rach x

  4. Not really... I use it no more than once a week and my hair seems fine, not seen any dryness. I don't think I'd use it too often but then I don't use ANY 'product' too often! Rach xx

  5. So fun! I like that you broke this down like this, I have never heard of a DIY hairspray, thanks for the info! - Kathryne :0)

  6. I've never tried making a hair spray but this would be perfect for right now with the hot weather! Well, when it's not raining at least haha! :) Thanks for posting this, I always love your posts and blog xx

  7. Thank you for your kind words!! Encouraging, supportive and championing fellow bloggers as always Louise :-) let me know how you get on if you do try it xx


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