Lots of Goodies! (Haul)

August 22, 2014

I had been doing very well, I hadn't bought much for a long time... then I hit some emotional hard times and the credit card came out. Don't judge me, I'm weak and think that buying 'stuff' will make me happy... it does in the short term but I know it's not healthy... but I don't have the energy to change I'm afraid! That being said, enjoy the following post and see what my emotions have been buying.

Our Tiny Bees

After seeing Amber's video about Our Tiny Bees I just had to try out the 'Amber Special' so for £15 including postage I picked up a lip balm, their bath melt and a mask. I'll go into more detail in a future post.

Adore Naturals

This boutique store has been on my radar for a while so when I saw that they were offering 25% off EVERYTHING on the website I jumped at the chance to try them out.

I picked up a Fairfield Gardens lip balm and a Lyonsleaf body butter. I'd tried a sample of the body butter and loved it so I just had to pick up the full size, especially with 25% off!

I was so impressed by the service and the speed of delivery that I decided to place another order and take advantage of the discount again, buying the Lyonsleaf Calendula cream as it is a great, multi use cream.

Watch out for full blog posts on these two soon!


I needed a new mascara so I stopped by a new (to me) European website and ordered the much raved about Avril mascara. 

I have to say I wasn't massively impressed about the delivery time - I ordered on the 17th of July and it wasn't despatched until the 9th of August!! Not. On.

**EDIT** Ma Pure actually read my post (!) and emailed me to let me know that the delay in shipping was because their site was on 'holiday' and normally they despatch within 24-48 hours. Sorry! I must of been in such a buying frenzy I didn't see the notices ;-)

Don't you think it's a good excuse to buy from them again and check out their 'real' dispatch time?! **End of EDIT**

I will have a full blog post about this very soon, first impressions are great though!

A Beautiful World*

My skin was having a freak out (trying too many new things, trying to use up samples, not sleeping well and eating crap all took their toll) so I splashed out on the Indie Lee Blemish Lotion. This wonder product is much coveted and I can see why. Again, I will do a full blog post on it very soon!

The wonderful peeps at A Beautiful World very, very kindly popped in a bit extra for me. I was SO excited to see this gorgeous texturising and volumising spray that doubles up as a hydrating body mist! Again, I think this one deserves it's own blog post too, I really love it!

Odylique Superfruits Serum*

You all know Sarah of Suggarpuffish? Well, that lovely lady sent me this serum:

I haven't tried it yet, I am letting my skin settle down so that I can give it a fair trial. It comes highly recommended by Sarah so I'm sure I will like it.

Green People*

I was very, very excited and honoured to be asked by Green People if I would like to work with them during Organic Beauty week in September, I jumped at the chance and then later found out it meant I would get to try out some of their make up line! Bonus!

Of course there will be a full blog post featuring Green People and their products, keep an eye out for that in organic Beauty Week.

Peppy Galore

I saw on twitter the very sad news that Peppy Galore has decided to cease trading. This is a real shame as I loved their products, especially the body mousse and hand cream. As there was a 50% off sale I picked up my two favourites (fruit punch not vanilla sadly). 

Pinks Boutique Try Me Set*

Another great brand I am working with in Organic Beauty Week is Pinks Boutique. I was sent their Lemongrass Try Me set and you can read all about that very soon!

Content Beauty

I was still feeling that I was missing something. I re-ordered my Soapwalla deodorant from Content...

...and I also just had to get a full sized Skin Saviour Balm. I have been surviving on sample sizes but I really felt like I needed the full size. This is such a great product... yet another one that I will be featuring on the blog soon.

I posted a picture of this on my Instagram and it got a lot of love! There are a lot of OLO fans out there and the balm is a big hit all round.

So there you have it, I went a bit mad, please don't judge me!

This post does include a few products sent for consideration.
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. Oh Rachel you make me want to go shopping! :( Some lovely things here I can't wait for full reviews especially the Lyonsleaf Calendula cream as my skin loves calendula! :) xx


  2. Annie HelloPurpleClouds22 August 2014 at 12:23

    Okay, I want EVERYTHING on that haul! Fabulous choice Rach, I am sure you will love the Fairfield Gardens lip balm and of course Lyonsleaf is amazing. x

  3. Thank you! I'm very happy with it all :-) xx

  4. Thanks :-) I'm really happy with everything I chose, especially lyonsleaf! I love the unique scent on the Fairfield gardens lip balm xx

  5. Oops sorry! Yes, keep an eye out for it in organic beauty week, I thought it would be good timing for that review! Xx

  6. Ooh you have collected up some nice bits & pieces, look forward to hearing your thoughts on the serum and sad news about Peppy Galore. At Christmas I gave someone the bath melt and her little boy tried to eat it as he thought it was chocolate lol oops!

  7. I'm not surprised, I would of tried to eat it too!! ha ha! Rach xx

  8. This is quite the haul! I go in waves on the buying as well. Sometimes you get samples from product makers, which is wonderful of course... but then other times you just want to splurge and spend money- and you're right, it totally does make one feel better sometimes- ain't no shame in that! :0) I hope that regardless you are enjoying the products (they look so awesome, I have tried a few... so great!), and that the storm has passed, so to speak. :0) Great post, now my pocketbook aches... thanks! Haha :0) - Kathryne

  9. Amazing haul Rach! Some of these goodies are on my wishlist, especially curious about the Odylique serum :) xx

  10. Thanks! I went to town!! I will be sure to let you know as soon as I've tried it, my skin just needs a rest right now! :-) xx

  11. I know, I got a bit carried away! I appreciate your dedication to the comment, not easy on a mobile device!! respect! :-) xx

  12. Ahh so glad you bought the OTB Amber Special....have you tried the mask yet? I also got a trial kit from Pinks Boutique...how cute its like a box of chocolates! So sad to hear about Peppy Galore, if they still had their Vanilla Mousse I would have stocked up!

  13. I'm using up a 'fresh' mask from lush before starting on the OCM mask but I'm excited after your rave reviews :-)
    I know I would of bought 10 of the vanilla mousse lol xx


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