Hooray for Hurraw!

September 06, 2014

"Our top priority is to make Hurraw! the finest all natural, vegan, balm available...

a great product to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle."

I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Hurraw Lip Balms. I did a video as well which you can watch by clicking here.

I think that they are brilliant! 

I have struggled to find a (natural) lip balm that I get on well with, I find that they are often too drying for my sensitive lips. I quickly gave up looking after making my own DIY lip balm as that works SO well for me.

However, Hurraw kept popping up every where and because of their low price I finally let curiosity get the better of me... and I'm so glad it did. 

I will say straight off that I am not keen on their oval shape. Some see it as a plus point but to me with my thin lips it is just an insult as it reminds me that my lips are so small as it just smears all around them!

But... that is the only even slightly negative point I can make about Hurraw lip balms.

Even on my fussy lips they moisturise and heal, plus I love the glossy finish to them. On minimal or no make up days these are great to add a subtle shine to your lips.

I've recommend Hurraw to a number of people and talked to others that already have the balms - I've not heard anything negative said about them.

I have the Earl Grey and Orange flavours, I also have the SPF balm. I like all three of them and try to rotate them to show them all equal love!

Hurraw offer a brilliant range of interesting and original flavours, I personally haven't found any of the flavours too strong or over powering. 

I think it is great that all the balms are all natural and vegan friendly, across the range the balms include ingredients that are Raw, Organic, Non Toxic, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Shea Free and Soy Free.

Their plastic tubes are BPA free and made from 50% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic. 

Overall I love the brand, the products and the ethics behind it. 

Have you tried Hurraw yet? You're missing you if you haven't! Let me know what you think if you have tried them.

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  1. I haven't tried them yet as I have sooooo many open but a few are almost empty so I'll definitely pick one up at some point or another. Vanilla bean sounds so good!

  2. Ahh, Hurraw. One of the very first posts I ever did was on their Black Cherry one... since then I've gone on to buy the Mint (x2 - lost the first), SPF, Sun, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Lime and Kaptha... oops. I love the oval shape, as it fits my lips well - does it not fit if you hold it like <=> rather than 0? (Sorry for terrible attempt at pictures!) Orange sounds delicious, might have to have that one next... xxxx

  3. p.s By sun I meant moon...xx

  4. I can totally relate, the struggle is real to find a good lip balm. I just purchased the Chai flavored one, thanks for the review!

  5. I looove hurraw! Do you find the SPF one makes your lips really pale?

  6. Love these balms I even made a repurchase as it's the only the only thing I use I'm well glad you recommended the vanilla one is my fave :) xx


  7. Aah Hurraw..you know I love them! :) xx

  8. oooh, that's the ultimate sign of approval - a repurchase says it all really!! :-) xx

  9. They're so great aren't they! So many cool and quirky flavours to choose from xx

  10. I didn't actually! I was worried that it would as I have a DIY SPF balm that does turn my lips white but this one didn't at all.
    Hhave you tried it? What did you find? :-)

  11. Ooh a fellow big fan! :-) We could of wiped wholefoods out between us lol.
    I get what you mean about the way to hold it but I have such thin lips they are still a bit 'clumsy' for me lol. (Or I am too clumsy for them lol) the tinted cherry one is on my wish list xx

  12. What!! This is a crime! They sell them at Content so pick one up with your next order using your discount ;-) xx

  13. I haven't bought it yet because my experience with the badger SPF one was so bad, but now I will have to try it!

  14. I haven't tried it, but I added it to my cart at Integrity Botanicals, so I just need to narrow down the rest of my shopping list before placing my order :)

    Right now I have just been using the Yuli lip serum layered under my lipstick or balm--it doesn't have SPF, but it has UV-protecting ingredients and my lips love it! It's also lasted me forever given how often I use it, so I feel less bad about the $26 price tag...

  15. It really doesn't leave any kind of cast at all :-) xx


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