Indie Lee Blemish Lotion

September 12, 2014

At the end of August a minor disaster struck. A huge, hideous spot erupted on my chin and a few other little blemishes popped up too. I was most annoyed but I knew why (bad diet, lack of sleep, stress, etc). I had a wedding coming up that weekend so I needed something that was going to WORK and work FAST.

I have heard Indie Lee Blemish Lotion mentioned so many times by my blogger friends, I have not heard a bad word said about it and I had always wanted to try it. However, my skin is generally clear and £18 is a lot of money to splash out on something to use only occasionally.

My friend's wedding was fast approaching and I really didn't want to ruin her photos and my confidence with poor skin.

I decided it was time to splash out and I really hoped I wouldn't regret it.

I headed over to A Beautiful World (such a treasure trove of delights) and placed my order, paying extra for next day delivery. There were no issues at all with my order and it arrived within 24 hours!

I was staying in the house that day to do cleaning so rather than wait to use the treatment overnight I popped it straight on. Well, not straight on because I had to wait for the mixture to separate and for the sediment to settle.

I then used a cotton bud (Q tip) to dab the pink, magical mixture onto the offending blemishes. I took the mixture off again within a few hours and was amazed at the progress so far. The spot wasn't gone but it was far less red and raised, I was so glad I had finally purchased the lotion!

I wore the treatment again over night twice (it was a BIG spot) and by the time the wedding came the spot was virtually gone, it was very easy to cover with make up. I think it would of been completely gone if I hadn't been messing with it before I got the lotion - next time I will not be picking or squeezing, I will go straight in with the lotion instead.

I am really impressed with this lotion. I have used it on other, smaller spots that I haven't touched in any way and they are gone over night.

If you are looking for a miracle cure, this is it!

Yes, it is a lot of money but I was happy to pay that much to feel confident, happy and to look nice at my friend's wedding.

This small bottle should last me a very long time and I will not be without it ever again!

If you are on the fence about buying this then don't be, it really is worth it in my opinion. I wish I had bought it sooner.

Have you tried this lotion? Have you had the same great experience?

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  1. I knew you would love this as much as me :) Great post xx

  2. Thank you for reading! It's my pleasure to share this awesome product! :-)

  3. Yep it was your 'starting over tag' post that convinced me and I'm glad it did! :-) xx

  4. Yep!! I rarely say that something expensive is 'worth' the money as it is so subjective, especially for skin... but this is a must have if you ever want to get rid of a blemish, it WILL work wonders! xx

  5. I've got this...of course I got it with my prize but I haven't tried it yet...I will soon! But at the minute I'm using Indie's blemish stick which works great too! I have 2 spot treatments open at the minute which is why I haven't tried this yet but I think I need to crack it open soon! Btw you look gorgeous in that photo and your friends dress looks AMAZING! xx

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