Natural Concealers Compared

September 27, 2014

After enjoying writing/filming my round up of natural blushes and nail varnishes so much (and getting great feedback from you lovelies) I decided to write another, similar post. This time I am looking at the natural concealers I have/have used.

Mineral Foundation

Firstly, I’ll tell you about what I use for concealer on an ‘everyday’ basis (I don’t wear make up every day but, you know what I mean)

I like to use my current mineral foundation with a dense concealer brush (mine is from Bare Minerals, not sure if it is cruelty free – sorry) and apply it to blemishes and dark circles. I have found that Bare Minerals (not CF, contains Bismuth Oxychloride), Honey Pie Minerals, The All Natural Face and La Mav all work really well for this purpose.

Often you can buy small samples of different shades so I normally buy a sample of a lighter shade and that is what I use for a highlighting concealer.

Zao Organics
Organic Concealer


This is a lovely, cream concealer. It isn't the cheapest to buy and it isn't the heaviest coverage but it goes on very smoothly, lasts well, doesn't settle in or highlight lines, generally it is a lovely, light coverage concealer.

As with most cream concealers I didn't find this was the best for blemishes as it tends to stick to them and as it wasn't very high coverage it didn't hide them very well at all! But for an under eye concealer for a bit of light discolouration it was great.

Beauty Without Cruelty
Super Cover Cream Concealer Pencil


Until recently this was my go-to concealer for a bit more heavy duty coverage.
It is a chubby pencil and very easy to use and travel with. I found that this peachy coloured concealer worked well on my under eye area. I will say that I have never had a problem with any products creasing on my under eye area so I cannot comment too much on this but Oxanna124 on Youtube normally struggles with creasing and this one barely creased for her, even after a long day. (Her video is here in case you want to know more)

This came as part of a set and I am really glad I have it, it is a very affordable price on it's own, especially considering how well the product performs and how long the pencil will last.

Vapour Organic
Illusionist Concealer


Yet another concealer that I never really set out to own but I am glad I have tried! I was lucky enough to be given this high end concealer by Content Beauty as part of the Field Trip Tour goody bag they generously provided (website here).

Now, I wouldn't of ever paid the price tag that this product carries but if that is the kind of budget you personally have then this is a good one to consider. I find it has a really great lightening and brightening effect, it really does work so well as a highlighter or highlighting concealer. So, if you don’t suffer from very purple under eyes and just want to use this for highlighting and contouring then I don’t think you can really go wrong.

Chesca of Fern and Moss did a more in depth review here which you may want to read.

Christopher Drummond
Duo-Phase Concealer


This is the newest addition to my concealer arsenal (which seems to be growing all the time for some reason!) I asked the gorgeous Angharad (YT Channel here) to send me over some in our recent box swap (watch that here) which she kindly agreed to. I paid for it and had it shipped to her house and she sent it onto me. If you are in the UK or EU then you will need a kind American friend to help you out getting this product as the international shipping costs are ridiculous!

I saw this review on Ria’s blog and it finally gave me the extra push to buy it! I had heard lots of great things from various people (including Oxanna on YT) and I just had to try it for myself.

It lived up to my expectations, this is good stuff! It is very heavy duty, it is amazing coverage, it stays on all day and (Oxanna confirms) that it doesn't crease.

I don’t think this is very expensive, especially if you have quite pronounced under eye circles that you are very conscious of and you really want to cover (and keep covered).   

I wish I had tried RMS Un-cover up so that I could talk to you about that but I won’t be buying it any time soon as I have so many already and I am trying not to hoard or over buy make up, so it is a one-in-one-out policy at the moment.

Just to recap, I use my mineral foundation for an easy, quick, everyday look and when I want something a bit more heavy duty I will reach for either my BWC pencil or Christopher Drummond concealer. I like the Vapour concealer for highlighting and contouring but not so much for concealing.

Which of these have you tried? And what did you think of them? Any that I should add to my (extensive) list to try?

This post does not include any products sent for consideration. (Vapour concealer was generously provided FOC but not in exchange for a review)
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. great post! I really want to try a mineral concealer because I've been wearing mineral foundations a lot lately!

  2. Great post, I want to try more natural products :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

  3. I've been wanting to try the Beauty Without Cruelty and Vapour Organic Beauty ones! I have to say my current concealer obsession is definitely the W3LL PEOPLE Foundation + Concealer Stick. It's long lasted, creamy, pigmented, and easy to take on the go. I also like the 100% Pure Long Lasting Concealer. However, I've actually been leaving the house sans makeup thanks to a great skincare routine.

  4. I've never tried either of those but they both sound great :-) You can try the BWC without breaking the bank but the Vapour one is a bit more pricey! Rach xx

  5. Thank you :-) I love your outfit posts :-)

  6. Ooh haven't tried any of these, but have been eyeing the concealer from Vapour.
    I've tried Alima Pure's concealer and am currently using Lily Lolo's powder concealer which works great. I was really skeptic to use powder concealer but I've found that these give the most natural coverage, and I love the matte effect they give.

  7. I like powder too, it's more natural isn't it?! :-) thanks for reading x

  8. Hah, now when looking back, those liquid concealers all they did was making my eye area look shiny! (like I needed more shine in my teenage years?) They also did not do a good job on coverage either and would wear off after a few hours...
    One thing I do hate and like about Lily Lolo's concealer is that it's stuck like glue! Regular face wash won't remove it, but some oil and a cotton pad will wipe it right off. So it's kind of water proof. It can become a bit caky after a (very) long day, but nothing that will look too awful. Nonetheless, Powder concealers has really impressed me and I don't know if I will ever go back :D


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