'Natural' Nail Polishes - Comparisons & Reviews

September 24, 2014

Today I wanted to look at the different nail polishes I have tried out over the past year and let you know my thoughts on them. (Video here)

I will say that I don't really think there is any such thing as a 'natural' nail polish, the very act of painting your nails and making the colour stay on is unnatural so therefore I try to go for '7 free' ideally or at the very least '3 free' and I only paint my nails occasionally.#

If something is '3 Free' then it doesn't include the three 'worst' chemicals that are generally found in conventional polishes (toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde) which are known carcinogens. If a brand is 5 or 7 free then they exclude yet more of the worst ingredients.

Spa Ritual
Mini: £5.95 Full Size:£9.75

I like these 3 free polishes. They go on well, they stay on well, they come in a great selection of colours... I'm just not keen on the price. I would buy the minis (as I don't use much polish) or I would buy the full size if on offer in a colour I really like.

Butter London

For me, these are the worst polishes I have ever tried. I literally can't use them (I have two different colours) as they streak and look awful. I can just about use them on my toes but never, ever on my hands. They chip ridiculously easily and never even last a day on my hands.

Such a disappointment for an expensive, high end brand although it's not the end of the world as they are only 3 free.

€2.80 £2.22

Amazingly these polishes are 7 free! And super affordable. Once on they last well but I've found that they do need a minimum of three coats to look opaque. No hardship really considering the price.

Benecos Vegan Nail Polish

These 5 free, vegan polishes are the full package. They come in lovely colours, apply well, stay on well and don't cost a fortune. When I am looking for new polishes or want to recommend some to a friend these are the ones I go to.

Suncoat Girl

I got this water based nail polish from iHerb for Maddie, it suits that purpose perfectly. I don't often paint her nails but when I do I use this affordable option. It doesn't stay on very well at all but it isn't really supposed to, it is water based.

If you want something really 'natural' and you are only wearing it for a day/evening/event/etc then this may be suitable for you. If you have kids that like to play and apply nail polish then this is a good one for that.

Priti NYC

I really love these polishes. I purchased one on sale from Cute Cosmetics and then another from Wholefoods and I really do love them both.

They go on nicely, they stay on for a good few days and the colours are beautiful.

I wish these were slightly less expensive as that would make them perfect... I can't explain why but I prefer them over the Benecos ones, I think it may be because the lid is smaller and easier to hold during application. Or it could be that I just like the Priti bottle design better, I'm not sure... I am just drawn to these ones more for some reason.


These 5 free nail polishes reign supreme over all other brands... In my humble opinion. With flawless application, stunning colours and a huge range to choose from these are the king of the 'natural' nail polish world.

The only stumbling block... the price. Unfortunately these retail at around £12 and rarely go into sale or on offer. 

What do you think? Is there a natural nail polish that I haven't tried that I am missing out on? Do you agree with my thoughts on the above polishes or have your experiences been different? Let me know!

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  1. Hi there, great vlog. You should try Mavala. They are great in wear ability, long lasting & do tiny bottles for £4.75 approx. A great range of colours too :-)

  2. I've been looking at using more 3-free+ nail polishes recently as much of my collection is very mainstream at the moment, although I do have a lot of gorgeous Zoya polishes (Nail Polish Direct is a good site to look for Zoya on sale, especially around Boxing Day etc!) and agree that they're the best!

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. Spa Rituals and Zoya are my favs in the natural line of nail polishes. Spa Rituals is rather expensive in the US .. $12 per bottle.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  4. yeah spa rituals is pretty pricey here, I only purchased the mini bottles! haha! xx

  5. ooh, thanks for the tip! I will keep an eye out on there :-)
    Zoya is the undisputed champion of nail polishes ;-) well, in my opinion and from what I've read in the comments of my video! xx

  6. Thank you very much :-) ooh, haven't tried Mavala yet but have heard of them, great price point, I think I will check them out! :-)

  7. I have a mini Zoya polish and I do like the formula, my nail collection is very small I need to branch out a little :)

  8. In the U.S., Zoya is actually one of the more affordable of this list. I snatched up a few pretty shades with one of their deals but would love to try out RGB, Kure Bazaar, Shewai Lacquer, and Priti NYC. I've also heard good things about the Pacifica 7-free collection.


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