Green Beauty Meet Up

October 27, 2014

On Sunday 26th of October, 10 Green Beauty Bloggers took over The Oracle in Reading! We met in Starbucks then headed to the shops. 

After a bit of retail therapy, lots of hugs and a bit of gossiping we headed over to Pizza Express to have lunch... and for me, Jen and Sarah to reveal our secret surprise!

Watch my vlog (click here) to see the look on the ladies face's as they saw that they each had a goody bag on the table... and another one on their chair! After rooting through everything excitedly we ordered our lunches (with only a little drama) and I revealed the other big surprise of the day... a giant hamper of goodies from Bodhi and Birch!

After filling our faces with yummy pizzas and salads we went back for yet more shopping! 

I really, really loved my day with these gorgeous girlies, it was such a special and amazing day - thank you to them for making it so.

The Goody Bag

Now... I know you all want to know what was in my goody bag! The answer is... lots!

I'd like to thank all the brands that so generously contributed with a special mention to the brands I spoke to directly myself (Jen and Sarah can tell you more about the brands they spoke to)

Thank you to...

My Pure - for providing Hurraw Balms and Madera Samples
Bloom Remedies - for creating an extra special and personalised pamper kit
Benecos & Lavera (via Pravera) - An awesome moisturiser & a concealer I can't wait to try!
Sophia's Choice - for a generous gift voucher
Lyonsleaf - for some lovely smelling soap!
Red Apple Lipstick - for a sample
Botanical Brands & Living Nature - for samples and discount
Vanessa's Choice - for a discount code and The Earth Works Cosmetics sample
Brija Cosmetics - for a sample, an eye shadow and a discount code!
Bodhi and Birch - for the amazing hamper of delight!

Also, a huuuuge thank you to Jen and Sarah for both helping me out so much!

Links to the other bloggers who attended: 

Malin (Youtube only)

If you'd like to have a chance at winning your very own 'Blogger Goody Bag' then keep an eye on my blog... I will be giving one away soon!


  1. Nice! Hope you all had fun! What an impressive beauty bag :-)!x

  2. Brilliant day! Well done for all your hard work, everyone had such a great time.
    Cant wait to see the video :D xx

  3. I really wanted to see you guys again, and catch up properly, hopefully I won't be working during the next meet up xx

  4. Looks like you had a fantastic time. We'll done for arranging it all x

  5. Realsleepyhead from youtube27 October 2014 at 12:18

    Yay, more green beauty gurus to check out :) I don't think l am familiar with any of them except yourself, of course ;) and l would love to win goody bag soooooooooo much (so broke that l can only afford lip balm right now, so that would last me a year if not longer) so fingers crossed, xo

  6. Awesome day (aside from the irritating waitress lol) wonderful to see everyone again but especially you. Thanks for letting me get involved and I shall miss all our secret squirrel emails :D

  7. Just watched the video, looks like you had an awesome day! (loved the part when you opened the basket with the Bodhi & Birch goodies and everyone went Oooh and Aaah ;) Major kudos for organizing it :) Xx

  8. Oh how I wish I could attend this, sounds like you had such a lovely day and the goodie bag is just out of this world!<3 xx

  9. Just watched the video - didn't realise you were filming half of it! Brilliant day :) Thank you! x

  10. Haha! I got quite a bit sneakily ;-) covert camera skills lol. Thank YOU xx

  11. Aww we would of loved having your beautiful-ness there!! Maybe next time?! xx

  12. Thank you :-) yes that was one of many highlights for me! I went to sleep with a bid smile on my face last night :-) xx

  13. haha, that woman didn't have any time for us lol.
    We shall start up secret emails again soon, I promise! just need a minute to catch my breath lol xx

  14. Yep some great girlies in there for you to check out! :-) watch this space for the competition then :-)

  15. Thank you, I really did have an awesome time xx

  16. Aww I hope so too! It would be lovely to meet you properly :-) xx

  17. Thank YOU! I can't wait for the next one!! :-) xx

  18. Thanks, I think we all did... I defo did!! :-) xx

  19. Rachel, you need to teach me some filming etiquette because I clearly do not have a face for youtube. What's with my gawping/half smiling face?! Aside from my strange face, I just wanted to say thank for inviting me on such a lovely day. The only thing I would change would be that could of sat next to you for a wee bit (not a stalker I promise) and have a proper chat with your end of the table. There will always be next time! xx

  20. Wow what a great goodie bag, so nice of all the brands to help out. A few new ones there for me to check out x

  21. Sounds like such a great day! And what a goodie bag :)

  22. Aww so sweet, thanks!<3 Hihi maybe :)) Oh and I watched the video and loved it, you're all so cute!!<3 xx

  23. It really was... now what to do with all that stuff?! lol! xx

  24. We couldn't believe that so many brands contributed so much! Just shows what a great community we belong to :-) xx

  25. haha! What are you like?! You look beautiful on the video, Malin and I said so when editing! (and, of course, in real life too)
    I agree we need to meet up again soon and get some better, quality time together :-) xx

  26. You are too kind (and possibly lying to make me feel better). Yes, more chats please. This time I wont try and talk to you when I'm in a toilet cubicle. I blame nerves on that one. I'm weird, but not that weird. I hope. xx

  27. Nope no lies here!! My trademark is my honesty and I always stick to that... actually I can't help it as it seems to be my default setting! xx


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