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November 26, 2014

I've talked before about protein shakes on my blog, I really like using them, especially when I am regularly exercising. I think they work really well alongside a healthy diet.

Our mission at AnyProtein is to bring the most premium products to the market at affordable prices. The healthiest, largest range of natural products in the UK.

I jumped at the chance to try Any Protein - the UK's largest range of 100% natural supplements. 

Any Protein are different to others in a number of ways. They have unflavoured protein that you use alongside separate 'flava' tubs. This means that you can mix and match flavours, change them when ever you want and you don't get bored of drinking a kilo of the same flavour!

They use all natural ingredients for their flavourings and for sweetener. They explain on their website: 

"Most supplements have sucralose which is processed using chlorine, this is damaging to your health if taking over long periods of time. Many people consume supplements on a daily basis, that's why at AnyProtein we use Crystalline Stevia which is 100% Natural and the safest, best tasting sweetener on the planet!"

I have been using these powders for over a month now and I very happy with them.

The flavours are delicious and suitably strong, I think it's great that they are not wishy washy or weak.

The powders mix easily and well with either milk or water. I personally like to use almond milk for my shakes as I like the flavour and I think it makes them 'thicker' and nicer than just with water. 

These shakes are all very reasonably priced - at £24.99 for a 1Kg tub (containing 33 servings) or + £15 to double the amount, I think that is a very fair price for a very good product.

The Diet Whey that I was sent to try is a meal replacement drink which I think is fine if balanced with a healthy diet for the rest of your meals and snacks.

"We have used only the most premium and scientifically proven ingredients. It contains potent antioxidants such as Acai, African Mango, Green Coffee Extract and Green Matcha Tea which is 10 times stronger than the standard green tea."

As you can see these shakes contain some really great ingredients to shake up your metabolism and kick start some weight loss. I haven't been tracking my weight since using these but I can say that I feel less bloated and full of energy... think all that coffee and caffeine is helping there!

"AnyWhey Slim contains Micellar Casein which will drip feed your body with nutrients, you will feel fuller for longer and help keep your cravings at bay. We have also added CLA and Acetyl L-Carnitine which will increase your metabolism resulting in further weight loss."
I am really happy with these shakes - the ingredients, flavours, concept, price and the ethos of the company all seem great to me so I would be happy to repurchase and I would also recommend this company to you lovely peeps!

You can click here to visit their website.

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I like that you can customise your own, it's a really great idea! I'm using organic protein at the minute that's unflavoured so I can mix it into smoothies & recipes :)

  2. I thought that was really clever as well! It's nice to have the choice of some different flavours :-) Unflavoured works well in smoothies doesn't it :-)


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