Earth Conscious Deodorant - A MUST TRY

November 19, 2014

Everyone! Stop what you are doing NOW!

You know how we all agree that finding a good, natural deodorant is next to impossible? Well, I've finally found one that I absolutely love.

I was contacted by UK company Earth Concious to see if I wanted to try out their re-usable sanitary towels. In their email they mentioned their deodorant, saying I could try that too if I like. I'll be completely honest with you I was not expecting much from the deodorant, I didn't really think I'd be very impressed (sorry EC Ladies) so I said that I couldn't promise a review and not to send it if they didn't have the budget to.

When it turned up in my parcel anyway I thought I may as well give it a fair chance and I have been completely blown away by the level of effectiveness.

It is a thick paste consistency, you do have to apply it with your fingers which is the only downside as in an ideal world I would prefer a roll on but I guess it is unavoidable due to the formula.

I wore this for a stressful, busy and hot day at work and came home as fresh as when I left, I couldn't believe it. I wore it to the Blogger Meet Up in October and didn't even get any stress sweat smells (which I find harder to cope with and smellier than 'heat' sweat). 

I have worn this deodorant daily for over a month and be hugely impressed by it, I am recommending it to everyone I talk to and I strongly suggest you try it!

organic coconut oil, organic arrowroot, sodium bicarbonate, organic shea butter, beeswax, organic lavender oil, organic tea tree oil

Now, I know that the ingredients won't work for everyone. I'm aware that a lot of people struggle with sensitivity to sodium bicarbonate. However, I am fine with this ingredient and don't experience any irritation at all, not even after shaving.

I even put this to a 'two day' test. I knew I was staying home to do cleaning on the second day of wearing the deodorant and I still smelt fine at the end of that! Unbelievable! (Obviously, I would normally wash every day but I wanted to try out the deodorant under some extreme circumstances and I knew I wasn't going to be around anyone so I thought I'd do it in the name of blog research!)

Earth Concious make no claims about this being a deodorant to stop perspiration, I agree with them that it is a natural process that needs to occur. Having said that, I think it has helped keep me drier. Maybe only slightly but still worth a mention. It certainly stops bad odour brilliantly, I've never been happier!

I just want to stress again - this deodorant has worked wonders for me. I've re-purchased out of my own money and plan to do so again when the tub runs out. I have recommended this to all my friends and was singing it's praises to anyone who would listen at the Green Beauty Meet Up! Okay, enough raving about it! I think you get the picture - I'm a huge fan!

Click HERE to buy it for yourself.

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  1. Sounds like a really good product with a reasonable price :) Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

  2. It really is both of those :-) Thanks for reading :-)


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