Natural Lipsticks, Compared

November 29, 2014

I really enjoy writing comparison posts, I feel like I cover a lot of 'ground' in one post.

Today's post compares five natural lip sticks, I also have a video here.

These lipsticks are from all over the world, some American, one European brand and a Canadian one too!

Silk Naturals $5.75/£3.67

Silk Naturals have a number of different formulas (Slick Sticks, Lip Stains, Amplifying Lip Glazes, etc) which are all slightly different but all equally affordable.

Silk Naturals have a large range of colours and finishes, all with reasonable staying power. 

I love the affordability and wide range on offer but I feel like the product is let down by the packaging and the formula. I found some of the lighter colours really settling into the lines/dry patches on my lips while every single one I have tried has dried my lips out.

Having said that I do have particularly fussy lips that struggle with most lip sticks and glosses so maybe I am setting the bar a little too high.

Overall these are great for the price, give them a go if you haven't already, it won't break the bank to try and you are sure to find your perfect colour in their extensive selection.

Red Apple Lipstick* $23.50/£15.00

On the other end of the budget scale we have high end brand Red Apple Lipstick.

£15 is a lot of money for a lipstick in my opinion but it is the same price point as a MAC lipstick (in the UK anyway) and plenty of people buy their products without question.

I find the formula really nice, I do not find it irritates or dries out my sensitive lips. I find the colour really rich and the texture really buttery and soft without being so 'loose' that it doesn't stay put.

I've tried a few different colours in samples and I own seven full size sticks, I've found the same to be true of all of them so far. I think these are the ultimate 'treat' or 'splurge' product. If you have a generous budget I'd completely recommend you try them. If you are on a more limited budget then maybe find your perfect colour, one you'd wear a lot and just buy that one as an investment.

Neve Cosmetics £9.50

I really love my Neve lipstick. It has a vanilla pudding smell to it and it has a lovely, thick formula that stays put really well.

These lipsticks are very pigmented and reasonably priced. I think just under £10 is a little bit more than I'd ideally like to pay but this product lives up to the price.

I don't find any problems with dryness or irritation with Neve either. Overall this is a really great lipstick. The formula, pigmentation, staying power and price are all pretty much where I'd like them to be and I would buy more from this range.

100% Pure £18

I have not yet found a 100% Pure product that I have fallen head over heels in love with. 

This lipstick comes the closest.

At £18 this is the most expensive lipstick we're looking at today and I don't think it carries the price tag very well. 

It is a lovely lipstick with a nice formulation and good pigmentation but it is not anything to really write home about. It is nice but not amazing. 

This is another one that, luckily, does not irritate or dry out my lips which is a big tick in my book... but not enough to justify the price tag.

Lippy Girl £12.50*

I recently reviewed this lipstick in depth, you can read that by clicking here

I like this lipstick overall but I did not find this colour very pigmented. I did get a chance to swatch the rest of the lip stick colours at the blogger meet up and they all seemed a lot more pigmented.

This is a very soft and buttery texture which feels very nice but does mean that it doesn't have the longest lasting power. 

Which one is my favourite? Probably either Red Apple Lipstick or Neve... but truth be told I'm more of a lip gloss fan! Watch this space for a 'Natural Lip Glosses, Compared' post!

This post does include a products sent for consideration. (marked with a *)
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All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. it would have been great to see the colour swatches of the lipsticks here. i've been tempted to buy 100%. dont you think that just due to the ingredients it's worth £18?

  2. They all sound and look lovely, I want to head towards natural but no clue where to start here in the uk :) x

  3. Cool, thanks for reading :-) you can always look on my 'shops and blogs I love' page for retailers I like to use or you can ask me :-)

  4. I did think about swatches but I was comparing the prices, formula, ingredients of the lipstick brands rather than looking at the individual lipstick I own and the colour I have, if that makes sense?
    I, personally, wouldn't buy one for £18 I don't think but that is a personal thing, if you think it's worth it then it would be a lovely edition to your make up bag... it's hard to say really! :-)

  5. Great idea for a post! I love how pigmented and moisturising my RAL & Silk Naturals ones are and I do like my Lippy Girl one but probably wish I'd chosen a diff colour now as I prefer others from the range. I haven't tried 100% Pure or Neve Cosmetics but I do love their eyeshadow palette!

  6. Neve are a great, affordable brand I really love their stuff! I think I might buy some of their shadows soon, I was put off by the Retinol Palmitate but I think it should be okay actually... shopping spree coming up soon!! :-/ lol xx


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