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November 10, 2014

When Vanessa of Vanessa's Choice spoke to me about a new miracle serum that she has been using and loving I thought it sounded great! When I was offered the chance to try a sample I thought that sounded even better!

The OMG Serum* by LJs Natural Solutions is a really exciting oil. I am a huge oil fan and really enjoy using them (I want them all!) but this one stands out for me.

Firstly, I was impressed by the ingredients list:

helianthus annus*, cocus nucifera*, mangifera indica, butyrospermum parkii*, persea americana*, rosa rubignosa*, tocoperhyl acetate, pelargonium graveolens, lavendula angustifolia, boswellia carterii (naturally occurring allergens: citral, geraniol, citronellol, limonene, linalool) 

Highlight ingredients include: Organic Rosehip Oil, Mango Butter, Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Organic Avocado Oil.

Secondly I love the ethos and 'style' of the company. The price point for this product is great too, just £15.95 for a 30g bottle. (I have a sample size)

I have been using this serum for a good few weeks now and it is really lovely to use. It feels very luxurious and rich but not too heavy at all. 

(My Sample Sized Serum)
As I have quite oily skin anyway I use this in the evenings only but I can see that someone with dry skin could benefit from (and get away with) using this in the mornings, especially as we move more into winter.

The serum is 100% natural and 84% organic, absolutely packed with wonderful ingredients.

You can purchase this from one of my top shops Vanessa's Choice, click here. Or, you can head direct to LJs Natural Solutions website and see their range, including a selection of Christmas gift sets.

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  1. Hi Rachel. It sounds like a good product. Would you be able to tell me what difference it made to your skin at all? I am currently looking for something that softens/improves first signs of ageing (little lines on forehead).

  2. I love the name! Haha! So adorable! :0)

  3. Sounds like a great product! I've taken a look at the brand a little, but am now more definitely interested in trying them out.

  4. I got one of these in my Souk Souk box and have used it a couple of times...I love how moisturising it is but feel it might be too rich for my oily skin with every day use so I stick to using it when I need a burst of hydration :)

  5. Yeah, it is too much if you are already oily, I save it for night time. it's a good one though isn't it :-) x

  6. It really is lovely and it's great to support a British brand :-) I can certainly voich for the serum, especially if you have normal to dry skin :-)

  7. Thanks Rachel, I might give this one a try. I am finding it there are lots of options out there, but is there one better than the other and how do you know that? I guess the best is to try different samples and then decide..

  8. It really is such an individual thing, you have to try things out to see. A lot of smaller, natural companies do offer small samples for free or a small charge so that is always worth it.
    There is always a theory and idea behind why each certain oil or product is good for you and your skin type but you also just have to try for yourself - for example Rosehip oil 'shouldn't' suit my skin type but I love it! It's really trial and error :-) good luck!

  9. Thanks Rachel! I will definitely try products from different companies and see how I get on.


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