2014 Year Favourites

December 31, 2014

I can't believe that 2015 starts tomorrow! That is crazy, where has the year gone??

It's been an eventful year with a lot of personal changes for myself and Maddie but we are starting off the new year on a positive and exciting note with lots of lovely things on the horizon and happening right now. ('It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live')

Onto my yearly favourites... I didn't quite manage to keep up with monthly favourites but I think yearly ones are important to share. If something has made it into this post then it is pretty special!

You can watch my video here... if you want.


This year I have been really loving balms; beauty balms, cleansing balms, body balms, etc. Stand out favourites are the One Love Organics Skin Saviour Balm and the Suti Cleanse balm.

I love using cleansing balms to remove my make up and a different balm for an intense, over night moisture surge! Not forgetting the gorgeous foot balm from Suti *swoon*.

Bodhi and Birch Shower Therapy (especially Mint The)

Regular readers will know of my love for Bodhi and Birch, particularly the Mint The Shower Therapy - it's to die for! I use it every time I have a shower and it is a divine treat everytime. The smell is invigorating and energising and the excellent ingredients leave your skin silky soft and smooth.

I have been using this on a near daily basis for well over 6 months and I am no where near finishing my first 250ml bottle of it, so although it is not cheap to initially buy I really do think that it is worth it - for me anyway.

Earth Concious Deodorant 

In the latter part of this year I found my holy grail deodorant - I am so impressed with it that I just HAD to feature it in my year end favourites. I want everyone to know about this little gem and to give it a try! Full review here.

Hurraw Balms

I love so much about this brand - their ingredients, their ethics, their prices, their range of quirky flavours and how well they work!

My favourites are the Vanilla balm, the Black Cherry Tinted Balm and the SPF containing Sun Balm... and everything else I've tried so far from them!! Ha ha!


Bit of a random one but she had to be included. My daughter has been such an inspiration to me since before she was born (being pregnant made me question what I put into and onto my body) but this year has really solidified our close bond. 

With the difficult times we went through in the summer she could be forgiven for a bit of bad behaviour, acting out or being upset but, no. She has stayed the happy and excitable little ray of sunshine I have always known and love. Having her around means it is pretty much impossible to be sad, she lights up the darkness with her smile and her kindness.

I'll share one of her (believed to be original) jokes with you: 

"How can five zebra's go under one umbrella and not get wet?"


"because it wasn't raining!"

What a way to end 2014 and start 2015... full of love, joy and laughter. I'm sending out as much as I can to you guys and thank you all for your love and support to both me and my blog.
Thanks for reading, 

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  1. Such a lovely post and I loved reading the quote at the beginning :) It's great to see what your favourites were from the year, and I will definitely now be looking into Earth Conscious as their deodorant sounds amazing - also using a Hurraw balm as at this moment, with about 4 more stashed away in draws and handbags haha. Can't wait to read more this year :) xx

  2. Thank you very much Tania :-) same to you xx

  3. Thank you :-) yep Hurraw are awesome! Rach xx


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