December 27, 2014

It's time to see what I've been using up... not much this time I'm afraid!

Suti Samples (Cleanse Balm & Foot Balm)

I've really enjoyed using my Suti samples and hope to purchase something full size soon. Both the cleanse balm and the foot balm were really lovely to use.

Bloom Remedies Sleepy Time Mist

This is a constant repurchase for me. Both Maddie and I use this on our pillow's to help us sleep, although I don't use it every night on my pillow it is part of Maddie's bed time ritual. I did a full review here.

Child's Farm Shampoo

Again, another repeat repurchase for me. Maddie and I use this shampoo and have done for over a year now, I love how affordable yet effective it is. 

Love Soap Hand Wash

This is a delightful handwash that smells lovely and leaves your hands clean but not dried out. I'd love to repurchase this but it's a little too pricey for me as an 'everyday use' product.

Aloe Dent Toothpaste

You will have seen this in many (if not all) of my empties posts, it is a constant repeat purchase for me and you can read my full review here.

Acure Toner 

This was a nice toner but nothing particularly amazing or life changing. I would buy it again as it is a good price but I am in no rush to do so.

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  1. Lovely bunch of empties! I've been curious about this Acure toner for a long time and don't really know what's keeping me from buying it :)) And now I remembered how annoyed I am with the new shipping costs on iherb! grrr! :) xx

  2. Oh is there new costs?! I've not been on there in aaaages! xx

  3. Suti are amazing, no they are not the cheapest but they aren't the most expensive either, especially in the realm of organic beauty!
    Rach xx

  4. The sleepy time mist sounds soo nice! I too have tried the acure toner and don't find it anything life changing xo

  5. It is lovely :-) Bloom Remedies gets it right again.
    Yeah, I can' say anything bad about the toner but can't rave about it either.
    Rach xx


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