Faking it - The Natural Way!

December 20, 2014

I was never a huge 'fake tan' lover before I went natural so I didn't really looked for a replacement.

When I got a sample of the Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow tanning cream I was really excited to use it, especially over the Christmas party season. 

I then remembered that I bought some LaidBare Tantasic Natural Self-Tan and I thought it would be great to compare the two. (I have a video here


There is a HUGE difference in price. 

The Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow cream is £26 for 8oz (around 225ml) whereas the Laidbare is the budget option at only £6 for 125ml. 

Laidbare works out at less than half the price when you compare price per ml, also you don't have to spend so much in one go when you initially purchase.


There is not too much difference between the two as they are both creams (not mousse or spray) but I would say that Laid Bare was slightly quicker and easier to apply, it seemed to 'soak in' quicker as well so I felt like I could get dressed again sooner. 

I noticed with the Chocolate Sun cream it seemed to sort of 'froth up' a bit as I rubbed it, as in the more I rubbed the more white it got... if that makes sense?
I'd give the edge to Laidbare this time but to be fair there wasn't a huge difference between then two.

The Chocolate Sun cream smells lovely on application - like chocolate, funnily enough! After wearing it for a while it does slightly start to smell like the standard biscuit-y fake tan smell but it is not as strong as most tans I've tried.

Laidbare fell down quite a lot here for me, as soon as I started to apply it there was a distinct biscuit whiff and it got stronger as the colour developed. I only applied the product to my legs but it was all I could smell the first night after application and for a few days after. This is actually something that would stop me from re-purchasing.

I found that both stung a little bit upon application. I think this was because my legs are particularly sensitive and were freshly shaved. 

I found that the Laidbare cream made my legs very dry and itchy (which they are prone to when not properly cared for) but the Chocolate Sun cream did not - it felt very moisturising and therefore I avoided the itchy stage.


Out of the two I was most impressed by the colour of the Chocolate Sun cream. Although it wasn't the shade aimed at my skin tone (they have a light version) it still gave me a beautifully subtle yet deep colour. It looked very natural and my friend described it as 'sun kissed'. There was not a hint of the dreaded orange hue at all. I didn't notice any change in the tone of the colour as it gradually faded off over about a week. It didn't fade off in patches either which is a big plus point in my eyes.

Unfortunately I wasn't as impressed by Laidbare. The colour took noticeably longer to develop and was much more 'fake' looking. It wasn't terribly orange but I think people could tell that my tan was from the bottle not from a winter holiday!

Laidbare wore off pretty evenly but did seem to get more and more orange as the days went by! Not ideal.

Which one would I buy??

This is the big question, the ultimate test... which would I buy and/or recommend?  

If you don't have particularly sensitive skin and you have a darker skin tone than me then I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that you give Laidbare a go. 

If you are a light skin tone, have sensitive skin and don't want to take even the slightest risk of looking like you've been tango'd then the Chocolate Sun Glow cream will be best for you. 

The only thing that stops me from raving about it and really encouraging you to try it is the price tag. Much as I'd love to, I just can't justify the price. I wonder if there is a smaller size bottle with a correspondingly lower price?!

I am a fan of the Chocolate Sun cream, it gives a lovely 'glow' and natural sunkissed colour, wears off subtly and doesn't have an over powering fake tan smell. I just wish it was slightly more affordable.

Have you tried either of these two? What did you think? Are there any others I should try out?  

This post does not include any products sent for consideration. (I received the Chocolate Sun sample from A Beautiful World in my blogger meet up bag but this review was my own idea)
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. I'm loving Laidbares Tantastic! It's such a bargain.;) Merry Christmas to you! xx

  2. It is SUCH a bargain, I'm going to do your trick of mixing it with lotion :-)
    Merry Christmas to you too :-)
    Rach xx


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