How I Remove My Make Up - Naturally!

December 13, 2014

I am always curious to peek into other's beauty routines and I think make up removal is quite an important step as we do it most days. (Watch my video here)

I find that I am wearing make up more and more these days what with work and filming... plus I enjoy it as well of course! I've got a make up removal routine that I am really happy with and keen to share with you...

First of all I remove my eye make up.

I use re-usable cotton rounds (sent to me by Angharad Latebloomer in our box swap) for eye make up.

I am currently using an eye make up remover from Angela Langford's range but I will often use just plain Almond Oil. I think both work well, obviously Almond Oil is much cheaper than a specific eye make up remover! I find there is not much difference between the two really.

Once my eye make up is off I then reach for a cleansing balm. I am not fussy which one... I have tried and loved all of the following: One Love Organics Skin Saviour Balm (£29 for 51ml), Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm (£12.95 for 55ml), Suti Cleansing Balm (£28 for 50ml plus muslin cloth), Balmology Cleanse Balm (£21 for 50g).

I dampen my face slightly to help the balm spread easily... This means I can use less and save myself some money, as you can see these balms are all quite pricey except Lyonsleaf.

I dot the balm over my face and then rub it all over, really savouring the ritual of rubbing it all over my face and giving myself a facial massage.

I get a flannel (I don't get on well with Muslin clothes) and soak it in hot water. I wring the flannel out so that it is damp, not wet and place it over my face. If I have lots of time on my hands I will leave it to sit there until it cools down. I will repeat this 2-3 times, wiping away make up each time. 

I love this was of removing my make up because I feel thoroughly cleaned, cleansed and refreshed but my skin does not feel stripped at all. Sometimes I don't even need to put on any moisturiser afterwards!

What do you think of my routine? Do you do anything similar?

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  1. Great routine and love those cotton rounds - so cute! :) I'm loving Spiezias cleanser at the moment, have you tried?

  2. Those cotton rounds are so cute. I love cleansing balms and taking the time to really massage them into your skin. I also prefer a flannel to a muslin cloth x

  3. I always struggle with removing eye makeup I'm still yet to find something that works! I'd love to try almond oil, my eyes are so sensitive though I often find cleansing oils leave my eyes really watery/sensitive it's weird! The reusable cotton pads look so interesting cute design too xx

  4. I definitely do! I also have reusable cotton rounds and remove products with an oil based balm. You are so right; it works and leaves my skin feeling nice and moisturized. It's such a soothing and gentle way to treat the skin.

  5. We have pretty much the exact same routine & the only balm I've not tried from the ones you mentioned is Balmology! One of my all time fave balms for removing makeup is Balance Me Cleanse & Smooth :) x

  6. Ahh, great minds think alike!! haha! I'll have to try out Balance Me soon then! :-)

  7. Yay, twins!! :-) It's a great routine isn't it :-) x

  8. just plain almond oil shouldn't cause you any issues and the oil breaks down the make up much better than something that isn't oil based - without the nasty, harsh chemicals that are probably causing your problems. It's really cheap to buy (off ebay) so maybe worth a go? You do need to be careful not to put too much on the cotton round and you will need some hot water to take it off after but it may be worth a try to hopefully avoid red, sore eyes? xx

  9. We're so similar in our routine! I love the cotton rounds it perks up my routine! haha! xx

  10. Thank you :-) I've not actually tried anything from Spiezia but I should do! xx

  11. I think I'm going to try plain almond oil on a cotton pad as you mention in fact I had a look yesterday and I have some in my draw from a DIY so may give it a try…have a feeling it might be sweet almond oil though I might be better with plain. Certainly worth a shot : ) xx


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