Indie Lee Blemish Stick

December 10, 2014

When I saw a tweet from A Beautiful World to say that they now stock the Indie Lee Blemish Stick (link) I instantly headed over there to place an order!

You may have read my previous post about the Indie Lee Blemish Lotion (lotion, not sick) (review here) which is a bright pink miracle worker! I knew that I was already a fan of Indie Lee blemish beating products and I wanted something I could use under make up or whenever I wanted - the blemish lotion is bright pink so can only be used over night or when home alone for a few hours. 

The Blemish Stick is a clear, potent liquid in a lipgloss style pack and built in applicator. It has a very strong smell and seems to work very well. I've used it a few times (lucky me, my skin's been very well behaved recently) and it's worked brilliantly each time.

As both of these are pretty expensive (£21 for the stick, £18 for the lotion) I'd say most people would probably only need to purchase one.

Although they both work brilliantly I think the blemish stick is slightly more user friendly and practical which is why I would say that it may be the more sensible purchase.

The positives of this one over the pink Lotion:

  • No need to wash it off
  • It is clear (so can be used any time)
  • It is easier to apply (built in applicator)
  • Much more portable and travel friendly

Having said that, the pink blemish lotion is SUPER effective. It's hard to tell but it maybe more effective than the stick. If you get really deep, painful, long lasting and angry spots then I think the pink blemish lotion would be a good investment for you - it can work wonders over night and may be slightly more 'heavy duty'.

Have you tried either or both of these? What did you think? What should I try next from Indie Lee?

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  1. sounds like a difficult decision to make between the two, not really a product I feel I have a need for but interesting to read your reviews about them :)

  2. you're lucky not needing it! I wish I didn't! lol xx

  3. I like the idea of the stick rather than lotion :) Luckily I rarely get spots so I don't think I'd splash out for it myself, sounds really good though! x

  4. The stick is certainly more user friendly on an everyday basis... lucky you not needing it!! :-) x


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