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December 18, 2014

I was tagged by my twitter and blogger bestie Amber of Amber's Beauty Talk to do the 'Me Time Tag'. I thought it looked fun so here goes...

What do you watch or read during me-time?

I love to watch YouTube - Kassie of Cloudy Apples, Amber of Amber's Beauty Talk, Sarah of Sugarpuffish, Brianna of I Luv Jesse 444, Celia of The Home Spunn Mum, Sharie of 2nd Hand Sweetness and an endless list of other lovely ladies.

I have recently discovered Netflix, I was offered a 6 month free trial as part of a deal I signed up to with Vodafone and I am hooked! I have been re-watching MisFits and I am new to, but madly in love with, Dexter. 

I love reading as well so I read blogs and books whenever I can. At the moment I am (very slowly) re-reading the Harry Potter books as I can never get enough of them!

What do you wear during me-time?

Ideally I wear something comfy and warm! If I am actually enjoying 'me time' then I am often blogging or veging (sp?) out... So I like to be in something comfy and cosy, I really dislike the feeling of being cold. If I know I'm not going out again I'll often change into my PJ's when I get home from work/picking Maddie up from school. Hair up, PJs on and make up off! 

What are your me-time products? 

I hate to say this... but... I find doing a mask or a treatment is a bit of a hassle to me! If I am having me time I don't really like to use anything at all! (bad blogger! *slaps wrist*) Having said that, I do love good cleansing balm and how my skin feels afterwards. I also enjoy hair oil treatments.

What do you eat/drink during me-time? 

I love a cup of tea during me-time. My standard, caffeinated and sugary teas have crept back in as the weather has dropped but I don't always reach for them first. I love a cup of Yogi Choco tea and/or Tea Pigs Creme Caramel. I love eating all kinds of things so during me-time I will eat what ever I fancy! I'd love to say it's something healthy yet yummy but I'm in a bit of a diet slump at the moment and well and truly off the healthy wagon!

Current favourite essential oil?

I always love peppermint as an essential oil but I do own a 'Christmas Blend' that smells a bit like mulled wine, it's so festive!

Do you have outdoor me-time?

I do love a walk on a crisp, sunny winter's day but a large part of the enjoyment is the anticipation of getting home to be warm and snuggly again!

Would you ever see a movie alone?

I would watch one alone at home but I am not sure I'd go to the cinema on my own. Maybe to a daytime screening if I was desperate to see something but couldn't get a babysitter! (i.e. Maddie would be at school)

Favourite online shop?

You can't ask me that!! That's like trying to choose your favourite child! 

I love sites like Naturisimo, Sophia's Choice, Being Content, A Beautiful World and Vanessa's Choice as they stock more than one brand so I can save on postage costs. I also love filling up a basket on sites like New Look and I buy a lot of ingredients and 'one off' items from ebay and Amazon. I shop around! 

Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time? 

What I like to do in me-time depends hugely on my mood. Some times I find nothing more enjoyable than a good, solid cleaning session with the radio blaring (Kisstory is always a winner) and other times I love to sit on my sofa blogging, watching TV or generally tuning out to the world.

Another thing I really enjoy is a long, hot shower because that seems to be when I think the clearest... but I try not to do that too often because of the environmental effects!

I tag...

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Sorry for any repeat tags and... if you want to do this post consider yourself tagged! Let me know in the comments if you've written a post, I'd love to read it.


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  1. Thanks for tagging me Rach! I really enjoyed reading your answers. Oh yes, Misfits was great, and be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster with Dexter ;D xx

  2. Yay! I loved Dexter but the ending is soooooo shite. Pardon my French! That caramel tea sounds so yummy! x

  3. I've heard that the end isn't great :-/ on season 6 now so not long to go!! I watch it on my phone all the time lol.
    You HAVE to try the caramel tea, I gave Jen some when she came over and she loved it :-) xx

  4. Thanks! I look forward to reading your answers :-)
    I was blown away by the end of season 4 of Dexter... I was not prepared for that!! haha!
    Rach xx

  5. Yay I love Dexter too I'm on series three at the moment :), I have to admit I originally got Netflix for Breaking Bad now two years later I still haven't got round to cancelling…I'm so addicted. Cheers for the tag I will have a go at this in the New Year me thinks :). Hope you had a lovely Christmas :) xx

  6. I'm onto season seven... nearly finished!! eek! :-/
    I had a really lovely xmas thank you, hope you did too (sounds like you did from your post) xx

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