Goodies - Bloom Remedies, RAL, iHerb & Vanessa's Choice

February 23, 2015

I've been doing a bit of shopping over the last month, here's what I picked up... (video here)


I didn't realise but I had built up some 'credit' on my iHerb account thanks to people using my referral link so I decided to use it for blog 'research' purposes. I've been keen to try something from Benecos for a while now so I purchased a lip gloss. I also want to do a piece on 'natural' face wipes so bought some from Blum Naturals. I haven't tried a powder highlighter so I was excited to order this one from Pacifica.

I really like iHerb for affordable natural products, I also find their shipping times and costs very reasonable. If you want money off your first order with iHerb you can use this link: click here.

Red Apple Lipstick:

RAL were having their Valentines Day sale and I simply couldn't resist splashing out. I really wanted to buy the Audrey Bundle but it was over $100 and I already had the lip gloss and one of the eye shadows so I decided to go for '2 shadows for the price of 3' offer and buy six shadows altogether to finish off my Z palette.

With 5% off site wide plus a further 15% off for pre-registration AND the 2 for 3 offer it worked out a fairly reasonable £10 per shadow with all postage and customs charges... still painful but their shadows are awesome.

I entered their Instagram picture competition and they gave me an additional eye shadow (Secret Garden) as a 'thank you' gift.

Bloom Remedies:

Bloom Remedies were having a sale on some of their items so I jumped at the chance to buy a little something for my giveaway (some deep release bath melts - not pictured) whilst also re-purchasing my favourite EVER body butter and try out some new products; Eye Make Up Remover, Hand Lotion and Bath Melts. The lovely Marie kindly included a Clear Vitality Body Oil as a gift to me, she said it compliments the bath melts perfectly... I can't wait to try it all out!

Vanessa's Choice

This is another one of my advertisers - I regularly shop with all of my advertisers because I think they are all great!

I needed some more of my fail safe, favourite toner from Oh! Organics so while I was there I picked up some more facial wipes (for the blog post I mentioned earlier) and a soy candle to try out... my first one ever! I also wanted a back up of my favourite lip balm so I bought another Vanilla Hurraw balm.

So there you have my recent goodies, what do you think is the most exciting item there?

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  1. I love the look of the RAL eyeshadows, so pigmented and gorgeous. And I've never tried Bloom Remedies, what would you reccomend?

  2. Still so jealous about the RAL shadows... I'll get to try them soon!!xx

  3. Ooh you picked up so many lovely items, those eyeshadow colours are gorgeous! x

  4. Those eye shadows are such lovely colours. I love Bloom Remedies too x

  5. Thanks Tania :-) I have been having so much fun playing with the eyeshadows! :-)

  6. aww... Sorry Katie! You will get to try them soon I'm sure :-) xx

  7. They really are, they are amazing :-)
    I love pretty much everything from Bloom Remedies, such high quality and amazing scents. I personally love the body butters and the salt scrubs, not the cheapest you can buy but SO delightful. Very rich in both smell and texture :-)


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