Love Natural, Love Organic Show!! (Free Tickets)

February 24, 2015

Exciting news time...

The Love Natural, Love Organic Show is back again this year! And you can go... for free!
Clear your diaries, dust off your granny trolleys (Sugarpuffish inside joke) and sort out your transport to the Big Smoke for the weekend of the 3rd - 5th July.

I had an amazing time last year and I am SO excited to be going back again this year. You can click here to read about how much I enjoyed last year's show.

The Love Natural, Love Organic Show is an absolute HAVEN for natural beauty lovers. 

You know how it is so rare to be able to look at, pick up and play with you natural purchases because you normally have to buy online? Well here is a chance to see all your favourite brands all in one place... and touch stuff!!

Most natural brands are often smaller and family run so often the business owner or product developer is right there in front of you, at the stall! It's a great chance to meet with and talk to some really interesting, like minded people. I love talking to the passionate people who run these brilliant brands. 

You're bound to run into a few 'natural' beauty bloggers as well as LNLO is pretty much our Mecca! I am going to be there, shuffiling around with my camera! If you see me do say hi!

Click here for your *free* tickets. No catch, the LNLO peeps are just that good to you!

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  1. Woohoo I cannot what, another reason for summer to hurry up!! got my ticket!! xxx

  2. I wish I could go, this sounds lovely! Unfortunately, I'll be busy at this time.

  3. granny trolley at the ready here I come :D

  4. Oh no! Cancel all plans ;-P (only half joking!)

  5. yay! i'm going to go, just booked my ticket. was so interested when you posted about it last year :-)


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