OneSelf Luxury Organic Perfume

February 07, 2015

I was sent this beautiful perfume collection to review... it came all the way from Hawaii! 

When the package first arrived in the post I was blown away by the presentation. So much care and attention has gone into every aspect of this product and the high end, bespoke packaging is the first indication of this.

After unwrapping my 'present' I was met with a very solid, sturdy and crisp white box that slides open to reveal both a roller ball and a solid perfume. I enjoyed reading the leaflet included in the set, it is always nice to discover more about the brand, product, ingredients and general background.

OneSelf heralds a new era in luxury organic perfume and skin care with a truly unique fusion of naturopathic principles and ancient global beauty secrets.

Capi Edgley (Founder of OneSelf & Naturopath)

If you want to read more about their story or browse the beautiful products then you can do so on their website.

It is hard to describe a perfume's scent (well, it is for me anyway!) However, I can tell you that this was a very 'fresh' and 'pure' smell, no hint whatsoever of any alcohol or carrier oil smells.

I feel like Capi has managed to bottle up the very essence and beauty of Hawaii.

This perfume is extremely long lasting on me, I could still smell it on myself at the end of a day at work. I got into a friend's car 4 hours after a light application and they could still smell it very clearly, they thought I had only just applied it.

Overall I have been blown away by the quality of this product. I really love everything from the high end feeling glass packaging to the long lasting, clear scent.

The set I was sent contains a roller ball and a solid (balm) perfume, it retails at $74.95 but testers are available for just $14.95.

I would strongly suggest trying out this perfume if you are after a very high quality and long lasting, natural perfume. Of course perfume is very much an individual and personal choice so a sample would probably be the safest and cheapest way to go!

What natural perfumes do you love? And what scent do you normally gravitate towards? I'd love for you to tell me in the comments below.

This product was sent for consideration.
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  1. I can't get over how beautiful the packaging is. I love how long-lasting and high quality this sounds!

  2. Mahalo Dream & Scheme for your lovley feedback we hope you don't mind we shared it with our twitter friends :)

  3. Mahalo Rachel for your wonderful review. We are thrilled you enjoyed the perfumes :)

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation with me! And thanks for reading :-)
    Rachel xx

  5. I know, it is so beautiful isn't it!!
    I never really 'gush' about things but I can't help it with this one... I just think it is pure quality and perfection in all aspects.
    Thanks for reading :-)

  6. Having had the opportunity to sniff this on you (that sounds weird & creepy lol) it was a delightful fragrance, very interesting to have some alternatives to all those horrible high street ones :)

  7. Ha ha! That does sound weird!! love it! :-)


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