'Natural' Face Wipes Comparison

March 09, 2015

Today let's talk wipes. 

Before 'going natural' I used to use baby wipes to take my make up off... eww. I now MAINLY use an oil based eye make up remover and a balm cleanser to take my make up off (routine here) but some days I feel super lazy and I want some wipes for that once-in-a-blue-moon lazy day.

I titled this 'natural' wipes with quotation marks because I don't think any face wipe will be truly natural... When something contains water and 'wet' ingredients it needs preservatives to keep it from turning bad so it is never going to be as 'clean' as just using water and a cleanser but let's just put a pin in that part of the idea for now and crack on with comparing these wipes:

Faith In Nature

My least favourite of the three. I did not get on well with the texture of the wipe or the formula of the liquid. I found it to be pretty harsh in both formula and texture. The wipe would froth and foam up a little bit as well and I felt I needed to wash my face after using these. In the end I only used these on my hands for removing stubborn swatches.

Blum Naturals

I got these from iHerb and I think these are the best option for my international readers. I paid $5.55 (£3.59) which I think is reasonable but not the cheapest. Perhaps they are available elsewhere for less? These were actually reduced at the time I bought them.

They seem soft and gentle in both the formula of the liquid and the texture of the wipe. They are pretty affordable, don't have an offensive smell and my face din't feel tight or coated after using these. 

I'd recommend giving these a try if you can easily get hold of some.


These are my personal favourites. I love the soft, smooth texture of the wipe that is gentle yet still works well for removing make up. These are the nicest smelling in my opinion although that don't have a scent or a fragrance, they are just very fresh and plain smelling. 

I found these left my skin feeling the nicest of the three that I tried and I really like the formula of the liquid. These did not make my eyes or my skin sting and they were a pleasure to use. If you are in the UK I would strongly suggest these over the other two.

I got mine from Vanessa's Choice but they may be available elsewhere. At just £2.99 for a good sized pack of 25 wipes I am really happy to re-purchase these when I need them.

Have you tried any natural wipes? Which ones do you like?

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  1. I've tried Blum wipes and like those, rarely buy wipes to be honest but can be convenient for travel so next time I consider buying some I'll have a look at the Raw Ganic ones

  2. I've tried the Natracare organic face wipes and Organic Surge's face wipes too. Like you I use them for when I'm feeling really tired and lazy at bedtime ;) I have wanted to try the Rawganic ones so I may need to give them a try now x

  3. I've tried the Natracare organic face wipes and Organic Surge's face wipes too. Like you I use them for when I'm feeling really tired and lazy at bedtime ;) I have wanted to try the Rawganic ones so I may need to give them a try now x PS: That's my comment below. Forgot to delete it. Had 2 Disqus accounts, couldn't merge them so deleted one :) x

  4. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the review - I've been meaning to pick up a pack of wipes for a little while now, instead been using a natural cleanser and then distilled witch hazel as toner to remove make-up. Your note at the start about how these could not really be 100% natural was also pretty informative - never considered it, but you're right!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  5. Thanks :-) I like to put a bit of information out there to get people thinking and then you can make up your own mind and set your own standards.
    I like to use oils and balms to remove my make up, it's like a mini spa treatment every time! :-)
    Rach x

  6. Sometimes you just need to use a wipe! We're all human! haha!
    I'd really recommend the Rawganic ones, I am really keen on them.
    Rach xx

  7. Yeah I'm not using them very regularly now that I've stopped 'testing' them and I am glad to be back to oil and balm cleansing to be honest! But they are handy once in a while and good for filming as well, between swatches and such.
    Rach xx

  8. You make that sound so nice! I'll have a look through your other reviews for a good oil remover, that sounds really quite luxurious!


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