Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow Collection (with swatches)

March 14, 2015

I have quite the selection of Red Apple Lipstick Eye shadows and they have been generating quite a bit of interest on my Twitter and Instagram!

I thought I would share my collection with you, including swatches. I have a video here. 


It will come of no surprise if I say to you guys that I really love Red Apple Lipstick eye shadows.

They have a are very high end price point but this is matched by the amazing quality of the shadows. They are all very blendable, buttery and long lasting. I have pretty oily lids and don't have any trouble with the longevity at all. 

The pigmentation of these shadows is generally brilliant, of course the lighter shadows don't show up any where near as much as the darker shadows but that is to be expected. You can get more pigmentation if you apply the shadows wet. I find all the colours to be true to pan, what you see in the palette is what you get on your lid.

Overall my verdict is... Yes, these cost a bomb but that is because they ARE the bomb!

Let's get going then shall we....

Palette One

This is my neutral palette, plus one green shadow that doesn't fit in!

My Favourites are... Minx, Twinkle Taupe, Golden Ticket, Iced Mocha and Espresso... Okay, all of them are my favourites really!

Palette Two

The shadows on the top row are quite neutral colours but the bottom three rows are my 'greys and pinks' palette, I like to reach for this when I want a slightly smoky yet still quite natural look.

My favourites are... Raven, Oh Schnapp, Poise N Ivy, That's My Jam... I love and use all of the colours.

So there you have it... my rather extensive collection! Hope you enjoyed, especially if you were one of the peeps that requested this post. 

This post does include some products sent for consideration.
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  1. What a collection! Oh Schnapp is calling my name :)

  2. Wow, gorgeous collection. I can't decide which shade is my favorite. Maybe Twinkle Taupe, Brownie Points, and Golden Ticket.

  3. the shades Poise N Ivy and That's My Jam are neutrals that need to come into my collection! Seriously gorgeous!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Your collection is beautiful, I was only familiar with the lipsticks, glad to hear the eyeshadows are amazing too. I particularly love the look of Iced Mocha and That's my Jam :) xx

  5. I know it's a bit over board but I can't help it!! haha! my weakness!! :-)
    Oh Schnapp is a real staple to have in your collection. I think it would suit your skin tone as well :-)
    Rach xx

  6. Thank you :-) it's a bit OTT but I love them!!
    All of those you mentioned are great picks! Rach xx

  7. Hee hee, you NEED them for sure! ;-)
    Rach xx

  8. Thanks Liz :-)
    The eyeshadows really are by far the best I've tried... if only they were less pricey and easier to get hold off!
    Both of those you mentioned are great and I use them regularly :-)
    Rach xx


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