Make Up intentions Update

April 28, 2015

You may have read my previous make up intentions post (here) and be wondering how I've got on.

I've reduced my collection right down to a core, small selection of favourite items. I have a video on that coming out on Friday. (link will be *here* after Friday)

I've done very well on my 'no buy' with the only items I purchased being 3 nail varnishes from Zoya's new spring collections and a highlighter. I feel like both of these purchases were justified as I do not have many light coloured nail varnishes and I was replacing a highlighter I had used up.

I feel like I have really broken some bad habits that I have had for years. I've found products that really work well for me and I am sticking to them. Not only that but my experience while on a 'project pan' have taught me that an item of make up takes a LONG time to use up so I don't need duplicates in my collection.

Having said that... I will be buying myself some treats for my birthday so you can watch out for a goodies (haul) video in about a month's time. Let's see if I can maintain any kind of restraint after letting myself free to purchase!

If you'd like to see my video on this topic, click here.

This post does not include any products sent for consideration.
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All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. There's something so satisfying about sticking to a challenge like this (which I could probably do with doing!). I'm switching to greener products at the moment and just bought my first Zoya polish (Ali), which I'm really impressed with, but looks considerably more neon on than in the bottle. Those two shades look lovely, good choice :)

  2. It is really satisfying and rewarding :-)
    I really love Zoya, I think you'll soon be wanting more :-)
    If you are making the switch and ever have any questions get in touch if you want :-) you'll always get an honest answer from me! xx

  3. Thank you! I'll probably take you up on that, it can be a little overwhelming knowing what to pick. :) x

  4. please do! I am only an email or a tweet away :-) xx


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