Project 5 Pan - New!

May 08, 2015

I loved my previous project pans so much that I decided to do another one!

Here's what will be featured and my initial pictures so that I can keep you updated with progress.

Lily Lolo Enchanted Eyes Palette

I only bought this a short while ago but it has a bit of a funny smell to it and previous experience has taught me that Lily Lolo pressed shadows can have a very short shelf life so I want to use this up quickly to avoid it 'going off'.

As you can see from the picture it is essentially untouched at the moment.

HoneyPie Minerals Blush

I've just bought a new blush from Brija so I want to use this one up to try and stick to a bit of a 'one in one out' system.

As you can see from the picture this is pretty much full. 

Neve Cosmetics Lip Stick 

I believe I purchased this about a year ago for my last 'birthday haul' and lipsticks don't last forever. It's a beautiful MLBB, natural, nude colour so really easy to wear and great for layering with a lip gloss. I should be able to work through this one pretty easily.

I will be really sad to see this go as it is my 'go-to' when I want a natural, nude lip.

Considering how much I love it it doesn't really show any signs of wearing down at the moment.

Green People Eye Liner Pencil

This is one of my favourite ever eye liners. It is a soft slatey grey colour and very easy to wear. Again, I am using this up to make the most of it before it 'expires'. I'm a bit over cautious with expiry dates on eye products - this one is about 6-9 months old at the moment and I want it gone before it is a year old.

This one has been used and loved a fair bit so it is not quite full size at this starting point... but I know from previous experience that eye liners are a pain to get through!

This one should be easier than Lily Lolo's black pencil as it is a much more wearable colour.

La Mav Foundation

Finally, I have put my powder foundation from La Mav into the project. I now have the Inika foundation and don't want duplicates so this need using up. I couldn't tell how much was left so I took the sifter out and was surprised to see that there isn't a huge amount in there. 

It is pretty full coverage so I don't need much of it each time I use it so it should still last a month or so I reckon. 

So there we have it... the 5 full sized, nearly new make up items I will be trying to use up over the next few months... I will keep you updated!

This post does include any products sent for consideration. (La Mav foundation, Green People eye liner)
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. The Lipgloss Librarian9 May 2015 at 04:14

    I am so glad to know about the Lily Lolo pressed shadows! I have been considering their palettes for ages but it takes forever to use up eyeshadow! Your minimalist approach is incredibly smart. I really need to head in that direction but it is definitely hard!

  2. Good luck finishing everything off! The Green People eyeliner is one of my favourites :) x

  3. haha thanks! I need it!
    Yeah the eyeliner is disappearing quickly as it's so easy and fun to use :-) x

  4. thanks, I hope that I've helped in some way :-)


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