Natural Home Cleaning

June 16, 2015

I wanted to share some of the things I use to clean more 'naturally' around my home.
Read on for an overview or click here to watch my video on it.

I use a DIY Cleaner (info below) or plain vinegar.

Microfibre cloths - no need for any sprays or aerosols. 

Normal hoover and a steam mop (no chemical cleaners - steam sanitises)

Washing Clothes:
Soap nuts or Dr Bronners for cleaning
Vinegar as a fabric softener

DIY bathroom cleaner:
  • Water (about 1/2 of the container)
  • Vinegar (about 1/4 or a bit more)
  • Washing up liquid (small squirt, don't use too much otherwise you will be left with a residue)
  • Lemon Juice (1-2 lemons)
I hope you found this useful, sorry it's so short but I'm very short on time! 
Thanks for reading!

This post does not include any products sent for consideration.
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. I LOVE microfibre cloths - I use them on my face too (erm... clean ones...) I've also been interested in trying out soap nuts around the house though, thank you for the tips!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations! I am always looking for better ways to keep my place clean (it seems like this is an area of 'green' that always involves tons of trial and error).

  3. Thank you for reading! yes, it is a bit of trial and error but there are some great solutions out there :-)

  4. haha! You mean you don't clean the bathroom then use the same one for your face?! Soap nuts are great, so multi purpose, I really don't utilise them enough.
    Thanks for reading! :-) xx


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