Goodies! (Brija 2 Years Sale & iHerb)

July 17, 2015

I've broken my no buy! After 6 months of good behaviour I finally stumbled! (video here)

Brija Cosmetics

After I treated myself to a couple of items for my birthday I was feeling satiated and happy to go on longer with my no buy... then Brianna ran a 2 Year Birthday Sale for her brand Brija Cosmetics which offered 25% off everything AND some great free GWP's.

I literally couldn't resist!

I picked up the October 3rd Blush from the mean girls collection. I tried a sample from my previous order and fell in love, it is the perfect 'natural flush' colour. I also picked up Lace Dresses from the Downton Abbey collection as I seem to have misplaced the one I originally purchased.

I also picked up a few mini jars from the Harry Potter collection, again I had tried samples and loved them. I paid a little extra ($0.15 each) to have the artwork stickers on the lids. 

Finally I went a bit mad and bought the Holiday Cheek Set - in Rosey Glow. A bit excessive as I don't need more blushes or highlighters but it was a bit of a bargain and I wanted to try the 'clicky' packaging of the highlighter! Also, I don't have a golden toned highlighter, just a white/silver one.

The GWPs were this beautiful shadow called serenity and a lip Jelly called Sprinkles. It's a lovely peachy shimmery colour, I love the formula of these lip jellies and this colour is very wearable, win win! (Couldn't quite capture them on camera though! Too light and subtle for my rubbish camera I'm afraid!)


I had some referral credit on my iHerb account so I decided to spend it on a little bit of make up. I picked up the Pacifica gel eye liner as I had been curious about it for a long time. The jury's still out on this one, I need to get used to it and play around with it a bit I think. I also purchased the Alba Botanicals shaving cream, just to try out. I've never used anything from this brand and the American Green Vloggers talk about it a fair bit.

The All Natural Face

I also stopped off at The All Natural Face to buy replacements for my two favourite liquid eye liners, this is a million time re-purchase for me!

Earth Concious

And not as exciting as make up but a necessity nonetheless I picked up some more of my Holy Grail deodorant.

So... technically the only thing that broke my no buy was the Brija stufff, the rest were either necessary replacements or bought on 'referral credit' rather than 'real' money!

What have you been buying? Anything here you'd like to try?

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All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. I really must try Brija Cosmetics and TANF soon. Lovely picks!

  2. You do have to soon!! Especially Brija! xx

  3. I agree! I didn't want to commit to full size at first so I actually bought samples for two whole collections and it was not expensive. It was also a good choice because at first I wanted to buy full sizes of a whole collection but when I got the samples I realized that some shadows were too similar to ones I already have.


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