Little Ondine - Reimagining Nail Polish

July 10, 2015

Nail polish - not exactly the most natural thing is it?

Even the '5 free' and '7 free' polishes still have other ingredients that I don't want to expose myself to very often. For that reason (and a high level of laziness on my part) I generally only wear nail polish about 2-3 times a month... if that.

When Little Ondine contacted me to see if I'd like to try out their quick drying, odour free polish with just 3 main ingredients I was a bit sceptical. 

I looked into the company and was really impressed with the ethics and the idea behind the brand and the products.

The website is brilliant - each colour has a 'colour story', a 'look' section and a mood board so you get a real feel for the colour before you order. The prices vary from colour to colour but sit around £8-9 on average.

When the two colours arrived in the post (Obsession & Lava) I fell in love with the cute and quirky packaging. The polish jars are 'wrapped up' in an innovative cardboard outer layer that has a little window into the colour, there is also lots of helpful application tips printed on the inside.

While applying I was instantly impressed. They live up to the 'no strong odour' claim - I had to get really close to my nail to be able to smell anything at all. The colours both applied really smoothly and evenly, reminiscent of my favourite, high end brand Zoya.

I didn't have to wait long between coats to apply the next one, no different to any other polish... in fact I'd hazard a guess that it was actually quicker to dry than the other polishes I am used to.

Staying power - this is where I cannot rave so much as I have for the rest of the review. I painted my nails Monday evening and by the end of Tuesday they didnt look perfect but they looked okay. By the end of Wednesday they looked like this:

In fairness to Little Ondine that is a pretty standard wear time on MY nails. I am lucky if I get ONE DAY of wear out of any polish and Zoya is the only one that I've found that lasts 2-3 days.

When it came to removing the polish I had read that you can just peel it off... again I was sceptical but then very pleasantly surprised when this was completely true! I was sat at work and was able to peel all 10 nails off in 1-2 mins. All but one nail came off in one go after I'd got a corner up and pulled carefully away from the nail. This is SUCH a great feature, especially if you are away from home, on holiday or generally want to avoid harsh nail polish removers... or even save money and not have to buy a remover again!

My nails did look a little dry once I'd taken the polish off but this was gone within about half an hour/an hour. It would of been instantly solved if I'd had some oil to hand.

As with (hopefully) everything featured on my blog they are a cruelty free brand that do not test on animals. These polishes are also pregnancy friendly and vegan friendly. Yet more brilliant selling points.

Overall I'm REALLY impressed by Little Ondine and have every intention of purchasing more colours. They have an impressive and extensive range to choose from and offer free postage on orders over £15 (about two polishes). My only trouble will be deciding which colours to pick!

(video with application process here)

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  1. Love love love Little Ondine! Their range of colours is fantastic and being able to pull off the polish when its a bit raggedy is so useful if you're lazy like me! xxx

  2. These don't last that long on me either :( I love that I can just peel it away but unfortunately sometimes in the shop I've been working (Ha...I do work ;)) and I notice a bit of my nail varnish on the floor and its just peeled off on its own!! LO said this might be because my nail beds are too oily and it doesn't stick :( Boooo!

  3. Haha yeah course you do ;-) ...but, seriously that's not good! Especially not in a food type business. You seem to have oily lids and nails... same here, perhaps its all linked?! xx

  4. yay me too! and same about being lazy! also, it's oddly satisfying!! haha! xx

  5. I am a big fan of Zoya. Tried a few colours now and found them to last really well.... especially on toes!

  6. Yeah Zoya are my favourite, longest lasting brand but I do like these too :-) I just bought two more colours! :-)


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