Red Apple Lipstick Summer 2015 - Swatches & Giveaway!!

July 15, 2015

Red Apple Lipstick's summer collection is ah-mazing. 
Every. Single. Colour. Is. Perfect.

I literally jumped for joy when I opened up my delivery of the collection, I couldn't contain my excitement whilst swatching them and I have been rigorously testing the various colours and formulas for a week or so now in order to bring you a detailed review:

In the super long lasting X-Series formula we have:


"warm toned, orange undertones, matte finish" -RAL

If I want to wear a bright red, I think this is the one I'm going to reach for!


"warm toned, orange red, no shimmer, coral undertone, brownish red overtone" -RAL

A beautiful, wearable red. I would call this an 'everyday' red that you can just thrown on... really! Due to my light complexion and not very full lips I am a bit scared to wear red lips normally but I will be reaching for this regularly. 

Twist 'n' Pout

"warm-toned middle pink, matte finish, perfect no-lipstick-lipstick" -RAL

A beautiful, soft pink that is a very girlie 'everyday' colour. I think this soft and subtle colour is gorgeously feminine and easy to wear.


"peachy-tan nude, matte finish, earthy, natural tone" -RAL

This brownish but soft nude was a bit scary initially! I am not a 'nude' person - I don't think I have the skin tone that can carry it off very well but this isn't actually that bad. It's not something I would reach for often myself but on the right skin tone this would look lovely. 

I find the formula of this one in particular very creamy which made me doubt the longevity but it held up really well.

Next up, the creamier Instant Colour formula features the following additions:


"fuchsia-y pink, no shimmer, warm colour with cool undertones" -RAL

This is a beautiful and very bright pink. I wore this for a 'girls night out' with a simple winged eyeliner look and it lasted so well! I was eating, talking, drinking, etc and it lasted about three hours before needing a very slight touch up. 

Be warned though! This does stain! So, on the morning after the night before, whilst opting for a make up free day I had slightly odd looking bright pink stained lips! Because I'd worn the lipstick for so long the night before the stain lasted nearly all of the next day.  
Petal to the Metal

"rosy/mauve medium pink, slight shimmer, hints of berry" -RAL

This deep pink has a slight metallic edge to it... which is why the name is so perfect! This is quite a bold colour but yet it looks so natural and flattering at the same time, I really love it.

As with all the colours in this collection it is very long lasting, easily managing 3-4 hours before a touch up is needed.
This collection offers two glosses in their 'original' formula (i.e. not peppermint scented!) and the most pigmented 'natural' glosses I've ever tried. Both have a 'hint of a vanilla scent' and are not sticky in the slightest.


"medium mauve/pink gloss" -RAL 

This beautiful, bold pink will add a bright and flirtatious gloss to your lips! I'm not a huge fan of the name (long or short version) but I do love the colour, the scent and the formula of S.W.A.K. 

Tiny Dancer

"neutral nude, no shimmer, superior shine" -RAL

Possibly my all time favourite gloss so far! Which is saying something as Honey Badger is a must have in my everyday make up selection. I think this slightly wins as it is so much more pigmented but I do wish it had the peppermint scent. 


The lovely people at Red Apple Lipstick have kindly offered one lucky subscriber the chance to win a WHOLE Summer Collection! Head over to my *video* to find out more and enter. 

This post does include products sent for consideration.
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All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. I absolutely love the unpinkable color because I'm not a red kinda girl but I do love a good pop. This color is ggggggglamour all the way!!!!!!

  2. patternoftaste15 July 2015 at 23:22

    Oh my god, so pretty! I can see some amazing summer shades here - Beachside and Twist n Pout stand out :)

    x, Anna
    Pattern Of Taste | Our Youtube channel

  3. It really is a great pop of colour, I love it with a simple winged look :-) xx

  4. They're both brilliant aren't they!! But then I love ALL of the colours! :-) xx

  5. Woah thank you for all these swatches, the colors are pretty as can be! I'm not really a lipgloss girl but I do love the look of these :) xx

  6. They're not sticky at all, I don't know if that is something that bothers you? They're really lovely and easy to wear :-) and yes, the colours are divine! xx


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