Why do I always want MORE?

September 20, 2015

So... I was feeling super happy and proud of myself at how I had finally managed to flick some kind of mental switch and put myself on a SUCCESSFUL make up spending ban. I can honestly say that, this year, I have been very restrained with my make up purchases.

Yes, I've bought more than just 'replacements' but only from two shops on two occasions throughout the whole year... pretty impressive for a make up obsessed 'blogger/vlogger' with a seemingly insatiable appetite for eye shadows and blusher! 

A couple of months ago I discovered an new online community and, subsequently, a new 'addiction'... "My name is Rachel and I am a plan-a-holic!"

I am on my second planner so far this year with strong plans to purchase another for next year, despite my current planner having another 9 months left on it's pages. 
(But... the Inkwell Press is just so perfect!)

I have also scoured Etsy high and low for cute stickers to use to help keep me organised and my planner looking colourful. I don't know how much I've spent in total but I have a booklet full of stickers with each sheet being worth between £1-£3. Yikes.

So, did I just replace one obsession with another? In the same way drug users are advised to avoid alcohol when they are getting clean, should someone of warned me of the dangers and told me to avoid kawaii stickers??

Probably, yes.

So why? I caught myself wondering earlier today... why do I always want MORE? Why am I never satisfied, why do I never have 'enough' although I actually have more than enough?

More importantly, how do I stop this unhealthy cycle of obsession and spending?

I have decided to go 'cold turkey' and banned myself from purchasing any more stickers and, if need be, not watch any of the 100 'plan with me' videos that show up in my subscription feed on Sunday and Monday evenings. 

Anyone else have this kind of thing happening with them? What did/do you do to stop yourself?

Help, please!

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