Why I'm NOT part of Gorgeously Green Gathering 2016

September 28, 2015

Some of you maybe couldn't care less if I am/am not involved but for those who do want to know I thought a quick post may be of interest!

Unfortunately, due to the huge amount of time and pressure involved with planning an event like the Gorgeously Green Gathering I have unfortunately taken the decision to step back and leave GGG2 in the capable hands of Jen and Sarah.

My random, over ambitious and unfocused thought of 'let's host the Uk's first green blogger event' over a year ago gradually morphed into the Gorgeously Green Gathering and I couldn't be prouder of what we created on the day. However, I didn't feel I could actually enjoy the day as a blogger. Don't get me wrong - I loved being so involved and helping to run it BUT I feel like I missed out a lot as well.

I didn't get two seconds to browse, chat, chill, catch up or anything! I enjoyed all the talks but I had my 'organiser' and 'videographer' head on, not to mention constantly clock watching to keep us on schedule. I never got to play with any products because, by the time we reached the networking session, I was exhausted! Plus there was the tidy up to think about and the goodbyes to say as each person filtered out at different times.

I would hate for this to sound like a negative post, I loved the day for what it was and the role I played in it was so rewarding and special. However I don't feel I have the time and energy to do the day justice next time round.

Best of luck to Jen and Sarah, I am sure they will do an amazing job! I look forward to hearing more about GGG2 once they have some plans to share.

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