A move to minimalism...

October 17, 2015

I'm not sure how well this post will work out, it's hard to get my thoughts on this subject organised. I don't have a clue how to tackle this on my channel, probably a Chit Chat GRWM will do the job?!

So... I have always been, subconsciously, a bit of a minimalist. I don't like clutter, I don't like 100 things out on the side or on display. I like simple, clean, fuss free and I don't like 'excess'. Which is kind of at odds with my spending habits. I desperately want a small, minimalist make up collection yet want to buy ALL THE MAKE UP in the world. I want to buy and try it but then not keep it... very strange.

Over the past year I have been making a conscious effort to streamline everything. Less clothes, less make up, less faff! In the last month or so I become completely immersed in the world of minimalism. 

The idea had been there for a while, I've encountered it a lot in the 'de-clutter' videos I watch but it sounded a bit of a scary and 'fad' idea to me, if I'm being honest!

A wonderful reader got in touch with me after my 'Why Do I Always Want More' post and sent me some links to minimalist YouTube channels. I really enjoyed the links she sent and found some other, very inspirational ladies to follow. (More to come in another post)

I realised there would be a huge value added and I would gain a lot by learning more about minimalism and trying to adopt it as much as possible.

Similar to 'going natural', the 'being a minimalist' process is a long one which involves a lot of adjustment. It is not something that can be done overnight... and it's a bit more difficult with a child in tow! I don't think she wants a minimalist toy collection, for example!

Now I am applying minimalism across most areas of my life I am feeling much more settled and centred. My finances are getting back on track, my house is looking lovelier than ever and I even find that my minimalism somehow spills over into my relationship with my ex. 

This fraught, argumentative relationship only continues if I feed it, as I decide to take the minimalist view and not pour excessive emotions and energy into the toxic relationship I am feeling better. It hasn't solved the issues there but I am not so invested in it being resolved, if that makes sense? ...Essentially, I give less of a f*ck now!! 

I've found myself to be more productive and focused in all aspects of life included my home and channel. My time with Maddie is more engaged as I turn away from the distractions and focus more on her, or when she's not there, the task that I need to complete.

Overall minimalism has given me a sense of direction, purpose and achievement. I am still making changes and working gradually towards the end goal but the process is an enjoyable one.

What are your thoughts on minimalism? Any personal stories to share?

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