Bee Prepared For Cold Season!

October 26, 2015

It's that time of year, the shift in the weather often brings with it coughs, colds and generally feeling run-down.

When Naturisimo asked if I'd like to try some of the Unbeelievable Health range of supplements I thought 'perfect timing'!

I've tried out Bee Prepared Max Strength Immune Support capsules:

"An all-in-one concentrated formula that can be used to help in supporting the body's natural defences year round, with added ingredients for a wellness boost, or to up your immune defences you are starting to feel an illness coming on."

At £11.99 for 20 capsules these aren't the cheapest supplements on offer but they do have an impressive ingredients list to support the price tag:

Bee Propolis Extract, Capsule shell (Emulsifier, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), Acerola Cherry Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Black Elderberry Extract, Reishi Mushroom Extract, Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucans, Astaxanthin Extract, Anti Caking Agents (Silica Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate).

Nutritional Information Per Capsule Contains
BEE PROPOLIS EXTRACT (5:1) 5% Flavonoids 200mg
ELDERBERRY EXTRACT (12:1) 4.5% Rutin 110mg
OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (8:1) 15% Oleuropein 85mg
ASTAXANTHIN EXTRACT 1.2% Astaxanthin 900mcg
BETA 1,3/1,6 GLUCANS 50mg
REISHI MUSHROOM EXTRACT (20:1) 10% Polysacarides 50mg

The capsules are reasonably large but I didn't find them difficult to swallow at all and didn't get any nasty taste from them. They didn't repeat on me later either which is often an unpleasant part of taking tablets.

If you're uncomfortable taking tablets then you can open these capsules and sprinkle the contents into a yogurt, juice or smoothie.

Although I cannot say for sure that they did boost my immune system I CAN say that I worked alongside someone three days a week for two weeks who was ill with a nasty cough and cold yet I didn't catch it. 

"This maximum strength formula is ideal when you need a wellness boost, or when you are starting to feel an illness coming on."

I haven't felt run down while taking these although, almost ironically, I got a very nasty tummy bug about a week after I stopped taking them. 

Although I know my vegan readers will not be keen on the idea of a bee product I am personally happy with it, as you know I use honey as a cleanser but I make sure I know the sources of my products, especially if they involve animals. I am assured that the bees involved in these supplements are ethically kept.

"Unbeelievable Health is passionate about helping save the bees. Using products made with quality bee ingredients, such as propolis, supports the sustainability of the bee colonies and supports the practice of ethical bee-keepers."

Overall a great product. If you want a more 'day-to-day' type supplement with similar ingredients you may want to check out their Daily Defence range which is sold at £9.99 for 30 capsules. 

Both of these Unbeelievable supplements are available with free worldwide delivery from Naturisimo.

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