Clipper Tea

October 12, 2015

A delivery arrived on my doorstep the other day, and it was a lovely surprise! 

I vaguely remember entering a competition on Facebook to win a Clipper Tea travel mug... I must of won! 

I thought that this is a great opportunity to review and share this tea.

This is their Fair Trade Every Day Tea that is housed in an unbleached tea bag.

Not only does this tea taste great (really bright and full of flavour) it is also doing good for the community that grows the tea (fair wages for fair work) AND it is better for the environment and the drinker as the tea bag is untreated and unbleached.

What is our obsession with everything looking 'perfect' all the time? Why aren't all tea bags unbleached as standard?? As you can see it still looks perfectly appetising and it is not off putting in the slightest.

These tea bags work out slightly more expensive than, say, Tetley's (about 10p per 100g, on average) but you are paying a little extra for a high quality and fair trade product.

Overall I really enjoyed these and will be buying them in the future when my other tea runs out.

Oh! And the cup is really cute!


This post does not include any products sent for consideration. (although I did win the tea and cup in an online competition!)
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All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.

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