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October 24, 2015

I wanted to give you a list of some of my current favourite youtubers.

Most happen to be women and I find each and every one of these ladies inspirational and aspirational! I've split them into 'categories' in case you have an area of interest but I suggest you check them all out, even i you don't think they cover an area you are interested in... I bet they will change your mind!!

Money Matters

Who needs a Sugar Daddy when you can be your own Sugar Mamma!? Canna aims to help everyone achieve financial independence and 'make money in your sleep'.

Vegan and Cruelty Free Crusaders

These ladies are passionate about the welfare of all animals and do not want them to suffer in the name of vanity. See their dedication to their cause on their brilliant videos:

Business Boss

Brianna of ILuvJesse444 gets an extra special mention of her own as she not ONLY fights against animal cruelty but she ALSO uses only the most natural products PLUS runs her own high quality yet affordable vegan make up range! Is there anything this super woman can't do?!

Minimalism Masters

The first lady of 'downsizing' make up collections has to be Christine, her channel used to be called Pink So Foxy but it's changed to Cristine Kobzeff. Her 'Make Out' and 'Less Stuff Less Stress' series really show a transition and a determination. 

Plus some other ladies I enjoy watching and find very inspiring are:

A Punning Planner

and... a random lady I had to include is Liz from The Hug Life, she makes planning and crafting videos but her humour and zest are brilliant. Well worth a watch even if you're not a 'planner' or 'craft' type.

Phew!! Quite the list! There are loads more great people I watch but I'll leave it there for now :-)

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