How to Make Cards Part of Your Décor: Some Top Tips

April 23, 2016

Today I am very excited to bring you a guest post from Lesley of Decorque Cards. With a selection of 'eco-friendly' ways to make use of any cards you may receive:

How to Make Cards Part of Your Décor: Some Top Tips

Greetings cards: what do you do with them once you’ve opened and read them? It’s true that you can pop them in the recycle bin but doesn’t that seem a shame when it comes to the cards your friends and family have spent time and money on?

For some people, buying cards is one of life’s necessary evils. For others, though, it’s a chance to show you what you mean to them; picking out a card with a sentimental verse is a lovely way to let someone know they’re on your mind.

So why not hang onto those poetic verses, thoughts and hand-written notes? To help you preserve those cards and save them from their inevitable fate of the recycling bin, we’ve put together our favourite ways to display them in your home. Here goes…

Hang Them on a Miniature Washing Line – Oooh, we do love this idea! Simply grab a piece of string (or an actual length of washing line) and some miniature pegs and start rifling through your box of cards for your favourites.

Now, just tie the washing line to a couple of hooks and get pegging! A lovely way to ensure old cards become part of your décor, this also works just as well with pretty postcards, too. Why not treat yourself to a new postcard each and every time you visit somewhere new; the decorative washing line card display will then serve as a lovely reminder of trips away, too.

Create a Gorgeous Gallery Wall with Cards

Not sure what to do with all those wedding or engagement cards? Don’t just shove them in a box under the bed; instead, make use of them and create a gorgeous gallery style wall in the spare room or bedroom.

Simply select a few frames – these can be the same colour or even different shapes, sizes or shades – and arrange them around a feature wall after you’ve slotted the cards in. You could even find one of those collage-style frames, which combines lots of smaller photo frames all glued together.

Add them to a Retro Pin Board

Pin boards aren’t just for pinning receipts and to-do lists, you know. ‘Pretty’ yours up with a few well-chosen greetings cards, too. Your notice board can be functional but it doesn’t need to look cluttered at the same time.

Make use of old postcards, greetings cards and other small trinkets to create an attractive pin board that’s chockfull of memories.

Frame Individual Cards

In much the same way as a gallery wall made of cards will look lovely – and will work well in just about any room of the house – this idea is bound to brighten up any area in need of an update too.

Grab a bold and quirky frame and add an equally colourful postcard or card into it, before displaying on a bedside table or small side table. A lovely alternative to a bunch of flowers, it’ll last much longer, too.  

If you’re particularly proud of your efforts, why not give out the frames to friends as a birthday gift; you could even select cards that complement the colours in their house to make it an extra personal gift.

Turn them into Coasters

With a roll of clear contact paper and some scissors, you can transform old cards into temporary placemats or coasters for the dining table in around 15 minutes each. A simple yet fun craft to enjoy with your kids, this is a surprisingly fun way to spend a spare afternoon. Pop the radio on, grab your craft box and get going – it’s therapeutic, too!

For more inspirational tips, trends and ideas when it comes to crafting with cards, take a peek at the Decorque Cards blog.

Thank you Lesley for all these wonderful ideas! 

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